How to develop an accessible app

When we develop an application, the user experience, navigation and usability are aspects that take part in the development process. This helps to create efficient, careful, and quality mobile applications. But this is not the only thing that must be taken into account because creating an accessible app is a must in mobile development.

Creating an accessible app that anyone can use and enjoy is part of the success of a mobile app.

With the increase in the use of devices and apps, the awareness of creating accessible solutions cannot be ignored. Although we are talking about mobile applications, it is also a must for web pages or any other digital tool.

In today’s post, we will talk about the importance of accessibility and its application in the world of development and software. We will give you some of the keys in order to create an accessible app.

how to develop accesible apps

What is an accessible app?

Accessibility is the ability to make products or services accessible so that all people, including those with some type of disability, can also access them.

Accessibility must be important in all areas and industries in order to offer the same opportunities and experiences to all users.

In today’s world of technology, creating accessible solutions is a must. There are numerous resources and possibilities to make tools that can be enjoyed by everyone.

If you do not take accessibility into account, people with color blindness, reduced visibility, hearing problems, or cognitive disabilities may find barriers or other limitations when accessing a mobile application or web page.

If your mobile application or web page is not yet accessible to all people, you are offering a bad experience to many users. For this reason, we will give you some recommendations and tips to develop an accessible app.

How to create an accessible app?

The development of a mobile application can be a complex process despite the advance in technologies, tools, and platforms available to software professionals.

From the beginning of an idea, the importance of accessibility must be present. In this way, it will be possible to create an efficient, complete, and accessible app for everyone. But, what elements make a web page or an app accessible?

The World Wide Web offers us numerous tips and recommendations to create an accessible app. The colors, the font, the icons used, the design, the use of subtitles, or the organization of the content are aspects that can affect the accessibility of an app. If they are not applied correctly, some users can find barriers. Below, we highlight some keys to creating an accessible app.

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Texts and colors

The readability of texts and content is one of the key factors of accessibility. To do this, background colors must contrast with the color of the texts, as well as use a font that is legible.

It is recommended that the language has to be simple and clear and the paragraphs short and well structured with their respective title sizes.

It should also be taken into account that computers are no longer the most used devices, but smartphones and other smaller devices are now the ones that set the trend. That is why the texts and their size must be adapted to smaller screens such as those of mobile phones.

Add information

Showing all the information will help people understand the steps they need to take. For example, in forms, you can use placeholders to show examples of how each field should be filled out. It is also recommended to add texts in some sections of the app, forms, etc. to clarify any doubts that may exist.

The autocomplete function in some parts of a mobile application also allows you to create a better experience for users.

In addition, another tip for an accessible app is the subtitles in videos. In this way, people with some hearing difficulty will be able to read the subtitles and know what a video is about.

Images and icons

To create an accessible app, clear and identifiable images, and icons must be used, avoiding changes in color or very fast movements. If necessary, adding text to the images allows for describing an image for those with visual disabilities.

The simplicity of the processes

One of the recommendations that we can use to summarize the creation of an accessible app is the simplicity of the processes. After all, the fewer steps a person has to take within an app to achieve their goal, the easier it will be and the better experience they will have.

To simplify processes, it is recommended to avoid having to make complicated gestures, a good structure of the texts, and an efficient architecture of all the contents.

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