What is kotlin multiplatform?

Mobile devices arrived years ago to stay and with them, the development of mobile applications began. The use of applications has been increasing more and more and this has led to an increase in demand.

Due to this technological boom, resources, and technical profiles are needed to create mobile applications and digital solutions in a fast and agile way while maintaining quality.

When you decide to create a mobile application, the first thing to consider is the type of app you need to develop. Nowadays, you can develop native apps, hybrid or multiplatform apps, and web apps. Each of them has its characteristics and advantages to adapt to the needs of each project.

In addition to the types of mobile applications, different programming languages have been developed to create digital solutions more quickly. Among these languages, we can find Flutter, Swift, HTML, and Kotlin.

Kotlin is the one we will focus on in this post. Learn more about Kotlin multiplatform for the development of cross-platform applications!

what is kotlin multiplatform

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What is Kotlin?

It is one of the most used languages to create Android applications, which is mainly why it has become so well-known in recent times. It is an open-source language that allows it to interact with other languages such as Java. In addition, Kotlin offers great flexibility and simplifies the lines of code, thus using less time in programming.

Kotlin is a language that allows you to create secure apps faster while maintaining quality. It is very useful as it eliminates redundant code and optimises the development process. Also, it can be used in different types of projects.

  • Developing apps with Kotlin makes them easily scalable.
  • Kotlin creates robust and secure apps that are guaranteed to perform well.
  • It is a flexible programming language with a great capacity for adaptation.

What is kotlin multiplatform or kotlin multiplatform mobile?

Kotlin multiplatform is a Kotlin tool or SDK that reduces the time spent developing cross-platform applications. The main advantage is the ability to share code between different platforms, so you can develop cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, and different mobile devices.

Kotlin multiplatform helps to keep the same code on the different platforms on which you want to develop an app. In addition, it allows authors to create and use cross-platform libraries with common code.

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Advantages of cross-platform kotlin

As mentioned above, numerous resources have been created in recent years to speed up the application development process. Among the advantages of Kotlin multiplatform we can highlight:

  • Time-saving: Kotlin multiplatform saves time in application development by using the same code for different operating systems. Software professionals develop code that is then compiled on different platforms.
  • Improved code quality: Kotlin multiplatform allows you to create a single cleaner code with fewer lines and therefore reduce errors by not having to work independently for each operating system.
  • Optimal performance and good integration: Kotlin multiplatform allows the creation of digital solutions with optimal performance similar to that of native development. This is why Kotlin is one of the most chosen options when it comes to creating a cross-platform application that can be implemented on different operating systems.
  • Maintenance and updating: as a single code is created, it is not necessary to maintain it in different versions, so both its maintenance and updates are easier to carry out.

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