What is Beacon Technology?

Beacons are devices that use Bluetooth technology to transmit information to mobile devices. In this way, you can send personalized messages to customers who are interested in your products or services. 

Thanks to this technology, you can locate your target and gather data and information about them. Also, beacons improve processes management and communication between clients and the company. 

With beacons, you are able to know your customers better.

Beacon technology for business

What are the Benefits of Beacon Technology?

Low Energy Technology

Beacons are small, battery-powered devices. They are low energy technology due to they work with Bluetooth.


Beacons can work through WiFi, Bluetooth technology or if you connect them to electricity. And the maximum range with Bluetooth could be 200 meters.

App with beacon technology

Customers Data and Information

Beacons provide detailed information about the clients and how is their behavior. Companies can send push notifications with personalized offers and discounts.

Improve Customer Engagement

As a consequence of the personalized messages sent to customers, it can influence the process during the purchase decision.

We develop apps with beacons technology for Android and iOS. Customers can receive messages with customized offers and discounts.

Why Should My Company Use Beacons?

Introducing app development with beacons in your company, allows you to send push notifications with personalized messages. Customers will receive those messages in their smartphones through the app of your company. The owners will able to gather valuable information that afterward it will be analyzed in order to make the right decisions.

Mobile apps development with beacons improves customer experience, provides your customers with extra value and an innovative image of your brand.

We are experts in bespoke app development with beacons, for this reason, we build native apps which you can use beacon technology with.

Your company can come early to the needs of your customers through an app for Android and iOS and the use of beacon technology.

ABAMobile is in charge of developing native mobile applications with a simple and quick interface in order to obtain the most of them.

Our Development Process


Tell us your idea and we start to work on it. We will know your company conditions and the industry you work in, to adapt to your needs.


We offer the best user experience. You will be able to see the final app result through our mockups.


Our app development with beacons is adapted for all kinds of devices. We work with smartphones, tablets, and wearables for iOS, Android and Windows.


We always update the app to introduce future improvements and offer a modern service.

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