5 Advantages of Having a Mobile App in Your Marketing Strategy

In today’s article, we would like to talk about the reasons for having a mobile app in your business, how its importance is increasing, and how an app helps your business’ growth.

Nowadays,  in the technology world where we live today, mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives. We have them with us 24/7 because it is a way to keep in touch with people, keep updated about the news in the world, listen to music, and do a lot of things. Also, another important point is how useful they are in our job. Mobiles are like laptops but in our hands.

Before the smartphones boom, it was unthinkable to have a device that would allow us to do all thatWe can do the actions mentioned before due to mobile apps because smartphones without applications are nothing. Some apps are installed on the device but in other cases, you have to download them in marketplaces like Play Store or App Store. The ease of downloading mobile apps, and the presence they have in our lives, make that sometimes we even are not aware of how many of them we use. 

According to research made by IAB Spain about Mobile and Connected Devices, people believe that they use 11 mobile apps on average but really, according to this research people use 31 apps on average.

For these reasons and others that we are going to talk about next, more and more companies are developing their own app because they realize that it’s a great opportunity. People have to adapt to the social and technological changes and one of the best solutions for this is by developing a mobile app that allows your business to grow.

In addition, if you think that mobile apps are only for big companies, you are wrong because these tools are being created by more and more small and medium-sized firms.

By having a mobile application in your business, productivity and sales can be increased. Also, process automatization and digitalization can be other very important benefits of having an app for your business.

Today, having a mobile application for your company has the same importance that websites had some years ago.

app development process

We will give you 5 reasons why your company needs a mobile app:

  • Provide value to your customers.

One of the benefits of having an app is that it improves the user experience (one of the keys in companies nowadays is to give the best to the clients). Whatsmore, providing the best experience encourages the loyalty of customers. As we said before, in our consumer society, changes are happening constantly. For this reason, in companies, keeping updated is essential and today, the way of doing this is by using technologies, like for example a mobile app.

  • Build your brand.

One of the advantages more known if your business develops a mobile app is the image of your brand. Mobile apps benefit and unify the image that users have about a company. For doing this, it is necessary that the design and the way of communication by the app have the same meaning as the rest of the communication channels of the company. Apps are useful as a new communication channel with users or employees and for this reason, a lot of businesses use them in their marketing strategies.

  • Exclusive content (make the customer feel like the only one).

Another important benefit of having an app in your company is the possibility of seeing exclusive content about the firm which means putting your clients in the center of your business and making them feel unique. Also, in this way, the feeling of engagement will be increased.

  • Always available.

Due to the use of mobile phones, app development has increased in the last few years dramatically. We have these devices the whole day with us, so this is a great opportunity to increase the visibility of your business. According to research made by Ditrendia, people spend 80% of their time with mobile devices using applications. This has a consequence for our firm, our client will always have our firm with himself.

  • Customer loyalty.

Finally, the last advantage of including a mobile app in your marketing strategy is the loyalty of your customers. Apart from achieving new users, we can promote loyalty for both new customers and people who already are followers of our brand. When users download an app, show us their interest in our brand and content, so in this way, appear an opportunity to offer valuable content, and build loyalty. 

Other advantages of having an app for your business

To sum up, it should be pointed out that these are not the only reasons for developing a mobile application for your marketing strategy, but we have selected some of them that we have considered the most suitable for a business. Maybe, other benefits can be: introduce your business into international markets or even increase your presence in search engines like Google.


The mobile apps industry is booming, and nowadays, it means a great business opportunity for companies. Such was the case that according to Ditrendia’s research mentioned in this post, in Spain, the number of users who use apps rise to 22 million and it is expected that the global downloads will reach 258.2 million in 2022.

In ABAMobile we are specialized in mobile app development for companies, so if you need a custom solution for your project, get in touch with us, we will offer the best results.

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