How to retain users in an app?

When developing a mobile application, having a good idea is not enough. The success of a mobile application is not in attracting users and having millions of downloads, but in knowing how to retain them and make them loyal. Therefore, we will tell you some strategies and tips on how to retain users in an app.

Did you know that most apps do not stay installed on devices for more than 3 months? In addition, many users take less than a week to stop using an app.

The fact that every day thousands of mobile applications with different functionalities are launched on the market and that users find multiple possibilities makes it a great challenge to build loyalty and retain users.

When building an app, every detail on the screens, navigation, user experience, and design must be geared towards making users feel comfortable, so that the content they find is of quality and useful, thus getting them to return to the application.

Knowing how to retain users in an app is equally or more important than knowing how to attract them. To do this, it is necessary to create the right strategies to develop new ways to connect with users and create long-term relationships.

Keep reading the post to learn more about strategies and tips on how to retain users in an app.

how to retain users in an app

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Why is it important to retain users?

User retention marks the success or failure of an app. An app does not survive only thanks to downloads, the most successful thing is to see how users use the mobile application on a regular basis and spend some time on it. This allows us to check that the quality of the content, design and user experience is correct.

Tips for retaining users in an app


In recent years, technology has made it possible to personalise services, products, and content. Nowadays, users need to feel unique, so creating mobile applications with personalised content and experiences is one of the strategies to retain users in an app.

Another tip for user retention is to create exclusive content for this channel. For example, if you have an e-commerce, you can offer exclusive discounts for purchases through the application.

Data collection

The new digital era in which we are immersed is marked by the collection of large amounts of data. But accumulating information and data alone does not make sense; what makes the difference is the interpretation of these data.

Knowing what data and metrics to measure in an application will allow us to make better decisions, get to know users better, and offer them quality content and experience that will increase user retention.

Push notifications

Using push notifications is another strategy for retaining users in an app. These are messages that users receive on their devices from one of the applications they have installed.

Push notifications are received whether or not the user is using the application or even if the application is not open.

Push notifications can serve as alerts, warnings, informational messages, or any other type of communication that an app wants to make to users. They function as personalised calls to action that help companies to achieve a goal, whether it is to build loyalty, communicate or inform users.

Good design and navigation

When creating a mobile application, the design has to be well thought out so that navigation is fluid and helps users find what they need. Details such as buttons, colours, shapes, and content distribution can make a big difference to the user’s experience when navigating through the app.

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A web page or mobile application that loads fast is one of the fundamental aspects of retention. Nowadays, users are used to immediacy and speed, so a mobile application cannot take more than 3 seconds to load, as after that time, the chances of a person leaving the app increase considerably.

A slow mobile application implies a poor user experience and therefore retention will decrease. To improve loading speed, code cleanliness is recommended, as well as avoiding elements and functionalities that are too heavy and slow downloading.

Easy access to the app and contact

The way to access an application is another aspect to improve user retention. Avoiding registration to access an app allows users to see what the tool can offer them.

Another important point to highlight in an app should be the ease of contacting the company. Although it may seem like a small detail, users want to know that they can contact a team if they need to, thus generating a trust that invites them to return.

Multi-channel communication

Platforms are no longer used in isolation, but apps and websites are connected for a better user experience. Offering the user different platforms but as one is a new user retention strategy.

Multi-channel communication makes it easier for the user to jump from one platform to another without noticing big changes. For example, start adding products on the website and then finish the purchase process through the app.

App updates and upgrades

Keeping a mobile app up to date is essential not only to improve user retention but also to improve the security of the app.

The immediacy in which we live and the constant amount of information thanks to technology and the internet means that users have multiple options. Every day thousands of applications are launched on the market, so there is a lot of competition.

That is why a mobile application must present novelties that attract the user and thus improve the retention rate.

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