How to share an APK with other users

Mobile applications are the fundamental resources that make today’s devices so useful. There are different types of apps such as native, hybrid, or web apps, as well as being able to create tools with any functionality.

To install a mobile application on our devices, we have to access a shop such as the App Store or Play Store and download the ones we want. But this is not the only way to install an app on the mobile. It is also possible to install an app through an APK file.

Despite this possibility of installing an app, many customers ask us how to do it. Therefore, in today’s post, we will tell you how to share an APK with other users and how to install it on your device.

how to share an apk with other users

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What is and how to share an APK?

Before we start, it is necessary to know better what an APK is and what it is used for. As users, most of the time we are not aware of what is going on behind our smartphones, that’s why we don’t know some terms like what an APK is.

APK files contain an application that needs to be installed on a device. Inside an APK file are compressed elements that are part of the application and that need to be installed to work properly. It can be said that these files make the process of installing a mobile application on a device easier and faster.

As with everything in the technological and digital world, changes and evolution are constant. For this reason, Google decided a few months ago to replace the APK format with the so-called AAB format to reinforce security, but the way it is installed on devices is the same. We have dedicated a full post to this topic that may be of interest to you.

Risks of installing an APK

In ABAMobile, as experts in software development and knowledgeable in the technological field, we do not recommend downloading any APK from a website that is not known to the user. It is only recommended in specific cases such as when testing and testing and always knowing the origin of the file and knowing that it is safe.

Downloading an APK can cause serious damage to the mobile or the information available on it if it contains malware and malicious code, and this is usually the case if it is for programs that are otherwise on Google Play.

How to share an APK with other users

When sharing an APK we must be sure not to send malware or malicious software and know to which users we are going to send the APK. In addition, nowadays there are different ways to share an APK with other users.

One of them is through an instant messaging application or via email. To share an APK with users with whom we are not in person, using one of these channels is the easiest way.

To share an APK with other users via an instant messaging application, all you have to do is click on the icon of the app you want to send. At this point, the share icon will appear, allowing access to different applications through which to send the APK file.

In this way, numerous mobile applications can be shared without having to download them from a shop such as the App Store or Play Store. In addition, it avoids having to share web links that can cause problems related to malicious software.

Another way to share an APK with other users is via Bluetooth. In this case, the person who wants to send the APK file must have an application that allows access to these files from a mobile application. Once in this app, we choose the applications from which we want the APK file and we send it to the user we want. Both devices must have Bluetooth enabled to be able to send the file.

In either case, to share an APK, the user who receives the file and wants to install it on their device must go to their Android settings and activate the option ‘install applications from unknown sources’.

This will allow users to install the application and start using it.

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