Types of mobile apps. Which is the best for your company and how do you choose?

It is known that the mobile apps industry is experiencing a boom, but do you know what types of mobile apps exist and their characteristics? And which type is the one that best fits your company?

In this post, we are going to tell you about the three types of mobile apps that we develop, their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. In this way, you can learn more about it and create the most suitable app for your business and its needs.

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The three main types of apps that we are going to talk about are native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps. Choosing one or another option will depend on the idea and the characteristics that you want to develop. Let’s go!

tipos de aplicaciones / types of mobile apps

3 Types of mobile apps

Doing a previous analysis of your business and asking some questions about the objective of the app, its characteristics, and functionalities that you wanna develop, or the target of the app are some questions that you have to answer in order to start the app development and know the type of application you are going to develop.

Types of mobile applications. Native apps

They are the most known apps due to their great advantages. Native mobile applications are those that are developed with a specific computer language, that is to say, Xcode for iOS devices and Java for Android.

These types of mobile apps are found in marketplaces, like the App Store and Play Store, and from these platforms, you can download them for different devices, for example, for computers, tablets, or smartphones. 

Native apps are highly recommended for companies because this type of application is the most secure type of app. Also, a lot of integrations and functionalities are available, and in this way, you can create the app that you want.

Although the time and costs of developing a native app are higher in comparison to other types of apps, you have to take into account that native mobile apps are developed for each operating system (iOS and Android), so the hours of work are much more. Also, it is important to say the high level of personalization and efficiency of native apps that provide the best user experience.

Types of mobile applications. Web Apps

As their name says, these types of mobile apps are related to websites. Firstly, web apps are not developed for each operating system like native applications, but they are developed through JavaScript, CSS, and HTML-like website development. 

This makes it possible for web apps can adapt to any system and device and they do not have to be downloaded. For these reasons, a responsive design is essential in these types of mobile applications.

Developing web apps is less expensive than native ones but also they have worse efficiency, and generally, they need to be connected to the internet so that they work. Also, the level of personalization is less than in native apps.

As it is developed as a website and does not require a download, no approval from the app marketplaces is necessary either. In summary, this type of easy-to-develop application is a web page that looks like an app and is developed for projects with a lower budget.

Types of mobile applications. Hybrid apps

This category of mobile application, as its name suggests, is a mix of the previous two that we have talked about. Hybrid apps have features both native apps and web apps.

Hybrid applications are developed through JavaScript, HTML, and CSS as website development. However, with a hybrid app, you can access the functionalities and characteristics of the native apps.

This type of mobile application has its advantages and disadvantages too. On the one hand, it is not necessary to develop an app for each operating system. But on the other hand, you cannot access all the functionalities that a native app allows.

These tools are multiplatform and cheaper so they tend to be adapted to projects that do not have enough resources to create a native app.

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What type of mobile app is the best one for your business?

As experts in mobile app development for companies, we advise our clients about what is the most suitable app. But before that, it is necessary to ask some questions to know which solution will be the best.

One of the main points to take into account is the budget. As we have seen in this post, native apps are the ones that require a higher investment, while web apps are the least.

What features are we going to include? What will be the main characteristics? Do you know the goal to achieve with the app development? Who will be the users of the application?

The information provided in the post, along with these questions that you should ask yourself to focus on what you want and how you want it, will help you to define the application for your business.

Now, you know what the characteristics of the main types of mobile applications are, and with this, you will be able to know better which is the one that best suits your company and your objectives.

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