Super apps. What are they and their characteristics?

Due to the importance of applications in our daily lives, we will talk about one of the trends in the sector. We talk about the super apps. These are going to be a revolution in the world of applications. Keep on reading to find out what they are and some examples.

Every day there are thousands of downloads of mobile applications in stores such as the App Store or Google Play. Due to new technologies and device developments, there are more and more mobile applications for any need. For this reason, people have multiple apps on their smartphones. For example, the bank app, the supermarket one, or even the public transport app.

We use more and more mobile phones, it is a device that we have with us all day. At this point, the development of mobile applications has benefited us since they give us the possibility of having a large number of services just one click away from us.

What are super apps?

These types of mobile applications are not very common in our day-to-day lives in Spain or Europe, but they are in Asia, especially in China. Super apps have emerged and it is expected that they will be a trend in the rest of the world in the coming years.

Super apps are a new way of applications that we can have on our devices. The so-called super apps replace the multiple applications that we normally have on our smartphones, which become a single tool that brings together everything that users need.

Since they emerged as an innovation in China, they have not stopped growing both in Asia and in the rest of the world. Every time we can find more projects whose objective is to be a super app and integrate different services on the same platform.

super apps development

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A revolution in the world of apps

Integrations and the development of APIs that allow the improvement of developed solutions are fundamental aspects. The APIs allow the creation of customized solutions and the incorporation of various functionalities that adapt to the needs of the users.

Thanks to this type of mobile application, users avoid having different applications downloaded. In this way, the services are concentrated in the same tool. In addition, this makes that there is only one user interface and it is easier and more comfortable for people to use.

A turning point in the creation of super apps has been the integration of mobile payments. This has been one of the great advances that allow users to create better experiences by being able to integrate different payment services such as food delivery, being able to contract and pay for transport, or eCommerce, among others.

Super app examples

One of the best-known super apps in the world is WeChat. This Chinese app is used to send messages, access or request transportation, order food, or access events. The whole information is in the same mobile application without the need to have one for each service. This is why they are called super apps.

Although the main use of this application is instant messaging, it has other services such as a payment system, a special version for professional use, or even functionality that makes WeChat a social network more similar to those we know as Instagram or Facebook where being able to upload images, states, links, etc.

This type of tool allows users to have everything they need in one place, thus bringing technology and innovation closer to citizens while facilitating their use.

As we have said before, this is one of the best-known super apps, although we can also highlight Rappi in Latin America.

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