What is the Mobile First philosophy?

With the evolution of mobile devices, the importance that computers used to have has been left behind to the detriment of other devices such as smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches. That is why new technological solutions that are developed must be made with mobile screens in mind.

Since mobile devices began their rapid development, they have become very useful tools that we use daily and through which we access the internet and numerous online resources.

This shift from computers to mobile devices has meant that when developing a software solution, the implications of viewing content on a mobile device must be understood.

It is at this point that we start talking about the Mobile First philosophy, responsive web design, or the digital-first philosophy. Continue reading this post to learn more about the Mobile First philosophy and how it influences the digital solutions that are developed.

what is the Mobile First philosophy

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What is the Mobile First philosophy?

A large percentage of the world’s internet traffic is already carried via mobile and this figure is growing all the time. This lays the foundations for the Mobile First philosophy. This new way of looking at digital solutions puts the user at the centre, knowing that when accessing the internet or shopping online, the user does so via mobile devices.

It is a new way of creating solutions that offer a better user experience by creating not only a mobile-friendly design but also by focusing on usability.

Nowadays, this philosophy is not something innovative but is part of a developer’s day-to-day life. Priority is given to the correct visualisation on mobile devices; while the importance of the computer remains in the background.

In an increasingly global world, people are always connected through devices as diverse as smartphones, tablets, and wearables. That is why the Mobile First philosophy tries to give total priority to these devices without reducing the quality of design and visualisation on computers.

From Responsive Design to Mobile First

In the last few years, you have probably heard about responsive design, which can be considered the prelude to the Mobile First philosophy. Responsive design started to become relevant when it was realised that users were increasingly using their smartphones to browse the web.

Thus, websites began to be designed based on a responsive design to adapt them to mobile devices.

Given the importance of continuing with this mobile adaptation process, solutions such as web encapsulation, and the creation of web apps or multiplatform applications have emerged.

Encapsulation allows users to enjoy a website as if it were an app, which is why it is an increasingly popular solution for businesses with websites that want to go one step further in their digitisation and move towards the Mobile First philosophy.

Another of the most popular solutions in recent years is the development of web applications and multiplatform apps. The former are websites that visually look like mobile applications and adapt perfectly to mobile devices; while cross-platform apps are mobile applications capable of adapting to different devices.

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Advantages of focusing on mobile devices

As you can see, there are different ways of adapting or creating digital solutions focused on mobile devices, but what are the advantages of the Mobile First philosophy?

One of the advantages of the Mobile First philosophy is the increase in user participation. In addition, smartphones are devices that we always carry with us and therefore all the applications or web pages we browse are always available at the click of a button.

Another advantage of the Mobile First philosophy is the improvement in accessibility and user experience. In addition, it makes the most of the potential of the devices, thus creating increasingly personalised solutions.

Differences between Mobile and Digital First

Carrying out a digital-first strategy means that the actions carried out in a company aim to be developed first in a digital environment; while the Mobile First philosophy means that the development of websites, online shops, or any digital tool will be developed with mobile devices in mind first and foremost.

The Mobile First philosophy aims to value responsive design and adapt digital content to mobile formats given the importance that smartphones, tablets, and wearables have in the daily lives of users.

Although they have similar names and both concepts highlight the digital environment as one in which it is essential to adapt, each has its explanation.

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