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ABAMobile is a software development company specializing in mobile app development services since 2012. They specialize in various mobile-related technologies like NFC, Beacons, Bluetooth Integration, GPS systems, online payments, and 3rd party integration. Their experienced iOS and Android professionals can develop apps for multiple devices and platforms. Whether it is about developing apps for a smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, mobile
app developers at ABAMobile are experts at meeting all the challenges and building versatile and responsive apps.

ABAMobile, ranked as the top mobile app development company in Spain by GoodFirms, works for diversified industries like health, electronics, banking, construction, hospitality, transportation, and technology. Professional mobile app developers here aim to deliver businesses with the highest quality mobile apps to help them grow and expand exponentially.

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The GoodFirms team interviewed Ms. Nerea Sánchez, CEO of ABAMobile. Let’s have a glimpse of this interview and learn more about the company, its goals, and its accomplishments.

Introducing ABAMobile and the CEO’s Role

Ms. Sánchez said that she leads and manages the company to achieve the objectives determined each year. Their main goal is to be the best and most suitable technology partner for their clients. She added that since 2012, they have built several native apps for iOS and Android platforms and other devices like smartwatches. They also create mobility tools that help businesses in becoming more efficient and agile.

She also said that their team consists of professionals with high-end experience in developing solutions based on NFC, QR, mobile payments, beacons, Bluetooth, and many other emerging technologies. They have developed projects for various sectors like banking, telecommunication, transportation, healthcare, logistics, chemicals, tourism, waste management, event management, and many more.

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How Was ABAMobile Launched?

ABAMobile was launched in 2012 in Asturias (Spain). During that time, devices started playing a major role in people’s lives. Ms. Sánchez had a futuristic approach and thus thought of creating innovative apps that can help people make the most out of those devices newly emerging in the market. Fortunately, she was having a clear path and a brilliant team to work with, and thus, they started developing their first software project focusing on mobile devices and technologies. After a successful journey of 10 years, they have clientele all over the world, which includes big corporations, public bodies, and SMEs.

Which Business Model Does ABAMobile Follow?

ABAMobile believes in following an in-house working environment, and thus, right now, there are 23 specialists specifically working with them for logistics, banking, and medicine. The reason behind having an in-house team is that the company strongly believes in quality and customer satisfaction. As most of their projects are bespoke software solutions, they require involving their clients from initial analysis to final launch to avoid mistakes and gain maximum efficiency.

How Does ABAMobile Stand Out From The Competition?

Ms. Sánchez said that despite ABAMobile being a small company, they have been successful in differentiating themselves from the competition due to their performance and results. They value the quality of communication with their clients, and they always promote listening and understanding their requirements to create customized solutions that meet their needs. Also, the results are endorsed by their clients, which helps them stand out from the competition.

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Which Industries Does ABAMobile Cater To?

For 10 years, ABAMobiles has been catering to diversified industries, including electronics manufacturers, logistics and transport, medicine, industry, fintech, insurance, and more. In fact, they have the capability of working with any industry as long as applications and software are required. They hold expertise in all emerging technologies and can justify all challenging projects with specific requirements.

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What is the Customer Retention Ratio at ABAMobile?

Ms. Sánchez feels proud to say that ABAMobile has been successful in retaining 80% of its clients.

Which Is The Main Service That ABAMobile Provides to Their Clients?

The main service provided by ABAMobile is custom applications development. They create native apps, hybrid apps, and web apps for Android and iOS operating systems. Additionally, they also develop apps for smartwatches and smart TVs. Besides that, web encapsulation, progressive web app development, MVP development, and consultation are some other services they provide.

What Is ABAMobile’s Customer Satisfaction Rate?

Ms. Sánchez feels proud to say that ABAMobile has a high customer satisfaction rate, and the reason behind that is the professionals over there believe in active listening and constant communication. This helps them to understand customers’ needs in a better way. Below are some customer reviews that provide clarity over how satisfied the customers are with ABAMobile’s services.

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abamobile review ceo's interview

How Does ABAMobile Support Their Clients?

Project managers, technical professionals, and developers at ABAMobile review the projects and attend to their customer’s problems and queries promptly. This way, they ensure that long-term relationships with their clients are being maintained, and they justify their role as
technology partners for their customers.

Depending on the project needs, ABAMobile professionals follow different approaches like agile, fixed-costs, etc. For maintenance, they work under annual contracts and assign dedicated teams and hours. The company is flexible enough to adapt to the model that best suits its customers in terms of cost-efficiency.

What Is The Payment Structure That ABAMobile Follows?

ABAMobile offers a variety of options depending on the project requirements. Some of the most common pricing packages they provide are Time and Material (customers pay standard pay per hour to the professional) and fixed price, which depends on the features required on the project.

Also, the customers can hire a dedicated team for which monthly payment is required. The company can provide a pricing package that is a mixed model of all three models for more flexibility and convenience to their clients.

What Is The Minimum Budget Requirement Of A Project?

ABAMobile has not decided on any minimum budget requirements. They study each and every project and look at its potential. Budget is not something that the company measures when it comes to a project. They focus more on the challenges the project includes and are enthusiastic
about overcoming them.

What Is The Minimum and Maximum Project Price Undertaken By ABAMobile In 2022?

Ms. Sánchez said that they have accomplished many projects in 2022, ranging from small to large projects that take almost a year.

Where Does ABAMobile See Itself In the Next 10 Years?

ABAMobile will continue to grow as smart devices are shaping everyone’s lives currently, and this trend will continue to dominate the business world 10 years from now. Ms. Sánchez said that her company, ABAMobile, will continue helping companies in their digitization processes, bringing their expertise to smart technologies that improve people’s lives.

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