Cross-platform app development. How are they and their characteristics?

In our blog, you can find posts about all kinds of mobile applications, but it has not been until now that we have decided to write a post about cross-platform app development.

Keep reading because we will tell you what cross-platform app development is and what they are for, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

In recent years, the development of mobile applications and their downloads in app stores has increased. In our mobiles, we can find apps of all kinds, from entertainment, instant messaging, or corporate mobile applications.

As you can imagine, the apps that are developed are not equals. There are native apps, web apps, and the ones that we will talk about, cross-platform mobile applications.

Remember that if you want to start developing a mobile application for your company, you must have a defined idea and objective. In addition, you will have to know other aspects such as the type of application that best suits your needs.

cross platform app development

Google’s instant apps have arrived to make our day-to-day life easier. Google’s instant apps are mobile applications that do not need to be downloaded.

Cross-platform applications. Characteristics

Cross-platform applications are characterized by being created with a single programming language that facilitates their visualization on any type of device regardless of its operating system. Being developed with the same language, only minimal changes are necessary for its adaptation to any device.

Although they have a very good performance and a high level of customization, each project and each idea needs to be analyzed to know which is the best option.

As you can see, due to advances in technology and software development, cross-platform app development is easier than ever. Now with the same programming language, we can develop an application for both Android and iOS, saving time, costs, and resources.

Cross-platform application development. Advantages

Depending on the objectives that you want to achieve, choosing one app or another can change the final result.

In this post, we are going to tell you about some of the advantages of cross-platform mobile applications.

Advantages of cross-platform apps

  • As we have mentioned before, the main advantage is that they are compatible with all types of devices and any operating system. It does not matter if it is viewed on a smartphone, tablet, or PC or even whether it is for Android or iOS systems. Cross-platform applications adapt to everything without the need to create different apps.
  • Being developed with the same programming language, you can save time, cost, and resources. Despite this, the quality and performance of cross-platform apps do not diminish.
  • Unlike web apps, cross-platform apps do not need to use the browser since they can be downloaded and thus create direct access from the device. In addition, these apps have complete integration with both the hardware and the software of each device.
  • By using well-known programming languages such as HTML5 or tools such as React Native, it is easier to find professionals with knowledge of these codes. In addition, they are widely used languages.
  • The Mobile-First philosophy is one of the keys to cross-platform app development. The fact that it can be adapted to all types of devices, makes them a much more attractive tool for customers. In the mobile era in which we live, any type of content that can be viewed from a phone is essential.

Differences between web apps and cross-platform apps

They are very similar, but they have some differences that we are going to explain to you.

Web applications do not need to be downloaded, they are accessed through a URL and the browser as if they were a web page. This makes data storage happen in the cloud. While to access the multiplatform mobile applications, they do need to be downloaded to access them.

Regarding design and functionality, web apps are more limited. Therefore, if a more complex design or a higher level of customization is required, it is recommended to develop cross-platform applications that better fit the needs of each project.

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