5 Requirements for a successful mobile app

Surely you have considered creating an app for your business or perhaps you already use one as a tool to improve productivity and process efficiency, but how do you make an app successful? We tell you 5 requirements for a successful mobile app.

Mobile applications are one of the most important technological advances of the last decade. A few years ago, when the internet began to have a greater impact, websites were the essential element for many companies that saw them as tools to support business growth.

However, today, given the importance of mobile devices in our lives, the role of websites is being relegated to the background in favour of mobile applications.

Over time, creating apps has become increasingly common and simple, with a greater capacity for adaptation and customisation. That is why millions of mobile apps are now available in download shops such as the App Store or Play Store.

In addition to more and better software professionals, in recent years tools and technologies have also been created to streamline development processes.

To develop a successful mobile app you need to know a series of basic good practices that guarantee the development of a software solution. Keep reading because in this post we will talk about the requirements for a successful mobile app.

requirements for a successful mobile app

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5 Requirements for the development of a successful app

The idea and the strategy

Being clear about the development idea and the strategy to be implemented is one of the fundamental requirements for a successful app. These aspects will set the right direction in creating a solution that best suits a client’s needs.

In addition to having a clear idea, it is necessary to research and analyse the feasibility of the project, as well as to know the target audience, and what problems are going to be solved with the tool or the industry in which it is going to be developed. An application aimed at end users is not the same as one aimed at company employees.

In this first stage, it is also necessary to study the competitors to analyse the competitive advantage that we can have over them.

Type of mobile application

Not all applications are the same, but we can distinguish between native applications, web apps, or hybrid applications. Each of them has its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages, and analysing them to see which is the best option will be one of the requirements for the development of a successful app.

Learn more about the differences between the different types of mobile applications in this post on our blog.

Design, user experience, and accessibility

This is another of the requirements for the development of a successful app. After knowing the target audience and the objective of creating a mobile application, it will be necessary to create a tool that is accessible to all users and offers the best experience.

This requires a combination of good design and good practices to ensure:

  • The correct adaptation to different devices
  • Good navigability
  • Improve usability and user retention rates


Nowadays, security in digital solutions is essential. Users entrust a large amount of data and personal information to technological tools such as mobile applications.

That is why implementing robust security measures becomes an essential requirement for the development of a successful app.

Some security measures include encryption or authentication systems such as biometric systems.

Third-party integrations

To complete and customise applications, integrating third-party APIs is one of the requirements for a successful mobile app. In this way, you can connect an app with social networks, implement online payment methods that provide greater security, or integrate mapping and geolocation systems.

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