Integration of NFC technology in mobile apps

The adoption of NFC technology today goes beyond mobile payments. It is a technology that is experiencing one of the fastest growth rates and allows for the development of fully customised solutions.

NFC is a simple communication system that prompts you to act when you bring an NFC-enabled device close to what you want to interact with. Almost any functionality can be developed.

NFC-enabled devices simultaneously support three main modes of operation:

  • Read/write mode, which allows the NFC device to read and write NFC tags.
  • P2P mode, which allows the NFC device to exchange data with other NFC-enabled devices.
  • Card emulation mode, which allows the NFC device to act as an NFC card. The emulated NFC card can be accessed by an external NFC reader, such as an NFC point-of-sale terminal.

integration of nfc technology in mobile apps

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Applications of NFC technology

This contactless technology has an increasing number of applications in sectors as diverse as finance, logistics, and events.

Financial sector

  • Contactless payment is one of the most widely used services in recent years and it works thanks to NFC technology. In countries such as South Korea, more than 90% of payments are made via contactless. Both payment with bank cards and the use of mobile devices work thanks to NFC technology.
  • NFC also interferes with the creation of digital wallets and the use of cryptocurrencies. A world that is still little explored and with many questions among users, but which already has its platforms through which payments can be made thanks to the integration of NFC technology.
  • Governments and public administrations have seen contactless technology as a new way to improve the protection of citizens’ data and documents. Through NFC-enabled banking applications, document completion can be improved and verification can be carried out quickly and securely.
  • Identification systems are secure ways of identifying a user simply by bringing a mobile device close to an NFC tag. Verifying a person’s identity quickly and easily through this contactless technology is very useful for sectors such as banking where the data and information handled is highly sensitive.

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Logistics sector

  • Stock and product management in a warehouse can be carried out thanks to NFC technology. Incoming and outgoing goods, whether in the warehouse or the physical shop, can be analysed in real-time. This makes it possible to anticipate and analyse forecasts of what may be in demand. In addition, the use of contactless technology makes it possible to carry out an inventory count in just a few minutes, optimising time and allowing it to be used for other tasks.
  • Integrating NFC technology in the logistics sector makes it possible to locate a product in a space such as a warehouse. In addition, a device can be brought close to an item with an integrated NFC tag and all the detailed information about it can be viewed. This makes it possible to quickly locate and track any product.


The integration of NFC technology in events is a very useful and increasingly used resource thanks to its different applications.

  • This contactless technology allows users to access and identify themselves quickly and easily, speeding up entry to venues and avoiding queues, providing a better user experience.
  • At events, there are restricted areas where only certain people are allowed to enter. In these cases, the implementation of locks with NFC technology can be the most effective and adapted solution. An NFC-enabled device that is brought close to the lock will allow entry, for example, to a room.
  • Thanks to the integration of NFC in events it is possible to send information of interest to the attendees, thus having a fast, simple, and effective communication channel. Links to websites, presentations, flyers, and other documents of interest can be sent.
  • Events such as festivals or fairs have contactless payment systems to avoid cash and offer simpler and more convenient payment experiences to attendees.

These are some of the applications of NFC technology in different sectors. Remember that mobile solutions today can be tailor-made and the functionalities that can be developed are almost limitless. Contact our team to see how NFC technology can help your business improve and streamline processes.

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