An access control system. What is it, and how does it work in smartphones?

The access control system is not something new. Since some years ago, these systems have been implemented in numerous companies, offices, or venues in order to control the capacity of a space.

Over the years, the devices used to control access have been changing. Now, thanks to smartphones, having an access control system is easier than ever.

That is why, since the boom of devices such as smartphones and smartwatches, together with the development of mobile applications, creating an access control system and putting it into operation is easier and can save money and time.

In addition, it should be noted that with the pandemic, controlling access to any venue or space is more important than ever. The system can be used in offices, at an event, or even in hotels. In this way, knowing how many people are in a place is easy in order to keep to health safety regulations.

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What is a mobile access control system?

An access control system is a system that allows or not the access of a person to an enclosure or determined area by means of its identification through devices such as a mobile phone, a reader, tags, technology based on biometrics, etc.

Although there are different types of access control systems, we would like to highlight one of the most talked-about in recent years and that is mobile access control. As we have said before, the mobile is a device that we always carry with us, so why not use it as a way to identify people?

In this way, a company can save money on buying tag readers or specific devices to control the access.

sistema de control de accesos por movil / access control system

How does a mobile access control system work?

These mobile access controls are security systems that allow communication between a reader and a smartphone, making the mobile the new key.

These systems are made up of two tools. On the one hand, there is the application for users, and on the other, the web platform for administrators.

The mobile is used as a credential to access a place immediately and safely without contact. It is only necessary to bring the smartphone within 10 cm of the reader device to verify the identity of a person and be able to access a place.

The web platform is used by administrators to manage the access control system, also see which users are given permissions, and have a record of who leaves and enters a venue or office.

This type of mobile access control works as an identifier through the use of NFC or Bluetooth technology as well as QR codes or any other type of contactless technology.

These are the technologies that are most used because they are compatible with almost any device. The only one of them that still cannot be used in 100% of mobile devices is NFC, but it must be taken into account that its use is increasingly common.

These access control systems make the entire process online, thus reducing costs and time as it is not necessary to have physical credentials or permits. In this way, any access becomes intelligent and secure.

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Where can you implement an access control system?

A mobile access control system can be introduced in many situations such as shops, offices, parking lots, hotels, factories, or events.

There are sectors such as tourism that have begun to introduce NFC technology in their facilities to offer a more complete and pleasant user experience. By making, for example, guests forgetting their keys to access a room. Just with the hotel app and the smartphone, you can now enter a room.

This type of control through an app and the use of NFC or QR codes allows you to control the number of people who enter into an event, as well as the capacity of the place, offering statistics and data in real-time to administrators.

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safe place app

On the other hand, the outbreak of the pandemic has been another reason to start introducing a mobile access control system. From schools and universities to offices, factories, and warehouses. All sectors and industries have had to be updated to offer safer places in accordance with sanitary measures.

In this case, we can highlight the use of Safe Place, an app developed by the ABAMobile team for the University of Oviedo in order to control access to classrooms and have reports and data on the close contacts in case of a person test positive in covid. All these thanks to the use of the students’ smartphones and the scanning of QR codes that are present in all classrooms and halls.

Although Safe Place has been used in the educational field, this solution can be installed in offices, factories, etc. In this way, creating safer places is possible.

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