How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App for Your Business?

Nowadays, thanks to technology, a lot of companies have mobile apps that can be personalized for each of them and their needed requirements. Developing mobile applications is not easy, they have almost unlimited functionalities and the level of adaptability is very high, but have you ever wondered what the cost of developing a mobile app for your business is?

Hundreds of mobile applications are launched every day and are available in marketplaces like the App Store and the Play Store. Today, different types of mobile apps exist, for example, management apps, digital catalogs, mobile commerce apps, or instant messaging tools.

cuanto cuesta desarrollar una app

As a mobile app development company, we are aware that one of the most frequently asked questions before starting with the development of the application is the price. How much does it cost to develop an app is the biggest unknown question. But the response is ‘it depends’. So maybe now you are more confused and with another question in mind ‘What does the price depend on?

For this reason, we are writing this post because we want to solve your doubts about the cost of building a mobile app.

Why Does Your Company Need a Mobile App?

In the connected and globalized world where we live right now, technologies and enterprise mobility are key factors in the process of companies’ development. A mobile app for your business can be a great opportunity to improve productivity, and processes, or even offer a better experience. In addition, using technologies that help in your business growth, together with a change in the organizational culture can help in the digital transformation process of the company.

In our blog, you can find a post where we talk about digital transformation deeper, and that will let you know different benefits for your business.

There are several reasons to have a mobile application for your business it can help you to add extra value and make your business image stronger. Discover other reasons to develop an application for your company.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile Application?

Customers always want to know the cost of developing a mobile application but what they do not is that the price depends on several factors. Most customers are looking for a high-quality app but with a low price (a thing very difficult to find). 

First of all, it is important to take into account that all mobile apps are different, and in most situations, they are created for each company individually, so this can make the price increase.

Giving an approximate price of a mobile app without knowing some details like what the functionalities required are or the type of app, is a bit complicated because the difference in the price can be dramatic. We want to give you an answer so although the price depends on a lot of factors we can say that it can be between 1.000 and 50.000 euros or even much more in some cases. It is a big gap, isn’t it?

In advance, this gap can seem large enough but now we are going to explain why this big difference and what the main factors take part in mobile app development.

cuanto cuesta hacer una aplicacion

What Affects Mobile App Cost?

As we said before, many reasons influence mobile app prices. Now, we are going to see some of these reasons.

  • Type of mobile app

One of the main aspects that affect mobile app cost is the type of application that is going to be developed. In ABAMobile we build native apps, hybrids, and web apps to adapt them to each client’s situation.

On one hand, native apps are those that are developed for each operating system specifically. This type of application offers great performance, guarantees an excellent user experience, and adapts to every device and system like iOS or Android. They are high-quality apps but the most expensive too.

On the other hand, web apps are websites that seem like mobile apps. As web apps depend on the browser, the user experience and the performance can be worse than with native apps.

Last but not least, hybrid apps are those that mix the best of both worlds, websites, and native apps. In this case, we must take into account that not all advanced native features can be developed.

As experts in mobile and software development, the ABAMobile team will advise you about what is the best choice for your company according to your requirements, needs, main goals, and budget.

  • Operating System

Another factor that influences the cost of developing a mobile application is the operating system. Creating an app for Android or iOS or for wearable devices are aspects to take into account when it comes to developing a mobile app.

Remember that the ABAMobile team advises you according to the idea you have in mind and we will develop the most suitable tool for your project.

  • Features

According to the features that you want in your application, the price can change a lot. Not all features need the same effort, time, or number of resources to be developed. 

The price of creating a mobile app depends on the time spent on it, so the more features and complex these features are, the more expensive will be the mobile application.

  • Third-party integrations

The most common thing in custom mobile apps is that they can be integrated with other systems, tools, and applications from the company (ERP, invoicing, messaging, data products, etc). In ABAMobile, we are convinced that the success of an app resides in the level of integration with the rest of the company’s systems.

Also, developing an administration panel is common to manage all the information that is generated in the apps. 

  • App design and time of development

App design is one of the keys to ensuring the success of the app. For good app design, it is necessary to have clear objectives, a good navigation structure, an interface, and keep in mind colors, images, icons, etc. All of this is for achieving the best user experience.

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Knowing the time of development is essential to know how much it costs to create a mobile app. This factor, together with the resources used will indicate the final price. 

The time of development can vary depending on the complexity and it can vary between a few months or even a year.

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