NFC Leads

NFCLeads, is a platform that will allow exhibitors to generate new contacts, and send them commercial or corporate documents directly to their emails, with a single gesture, and instantly.

With the application for Android and iOS, the exhibitor can establish contact with the event assistant (via NFC technology or QR codes), add notes, or send them more information about the company (commercial, promotional or corporate), with a single gesture.

Advantages for Access Control

  • Access control through the mobile App (Android and iOS)
  • System control using NFC and/or QR codes
  • Accreditations management tool in the cloud
  • Real time access statistics.

Advantages for the Organizer

  • Online registration for attendees (optional).
  • Massive load from its own registration system (CSV).
  • Accreditations automatic printing.
  • Automatic emailing (configurable SMTP).
  • Access to the management tool in the cloud (Statistics, export of attendees).

Advantages for the Exhibitors

  • Mobile capturing app (Android and iPhone).
  • Public signboard with company documentation.
  • Sending documents to the contact from mobile, instantly.
  • Access to the management tool in the cloud (Statistics, documentation management, export contacts).