Ways of using NFC technology in Businesses

Contactless technologies such as NFC or QR codes have become a valuable tool in businesses in recent years. These, together with other technologies such as Bluetooth or BLE and mobile devices, have allowed the creation of personalized solutions for businesses.

NFC technology helps companies to manage processes, control access, carry out the maintenance of equipment, increase workers’ safety, and improve productivity and efficiency.

Although mobile payments are one of the most popular uses of NFC technology, this contactless technology, allows any idea to come true. This is why the use of NFC technology in companies is increasing more and more.

But, what does this technology have that allows you to do all this?

In this post, we are going to tell you about the applications and uses of NFC technology in companies and how it helps them to digitize processes and improves efficiency. Don’t miss it and keep reading!

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What is and how does NFC technology work?

NFC technology means Near Field Communication. This technology is a simple, fast, and secure short-range wireless communication system between devices where the distance cannot be more than 10 or 20 cm.

This technology allows you to carry out contactless transactions, share digital content or connect devices with a simple touch between them. It is a system whose speed limit is 424 kbit/s, so it is designed to exchange little information quickly and easily.

How does this contactless technology work?

We need two devices, one will be the sender, and the other one the receiver. You simply have to bring the NFC reader close to a tag or to another reader, so that the device can read the stored information and thus carry out a specific action. Since almost any action can be recorded on these tags, that is why the uses of NFC technology are almost limitless.

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How to know if my mobile has NFC

One disadvantage of NFC technology is that you can not download any app so that your mobile could have this technology as it happens with QR codes.

The positive thing about all this is that there are more and more mobile devices with this technology. Today, it is difficult to find a smartphone that does not have this technology.

But then, how do I know if my mobile has NFC?

You need to know that if your device is iOS, all Apple models from iPhone 6 have already NFC technology.

To find out NFC in Android devices, you have to access ‘Settings’, then ‘Networks and Internet’ or ‘Connections’ and finally it should appear there if your device has it.

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Uses of NFC technology in companies

As we have been saying in this article, NFC technology works with tags where any action that we want to do is recorded on them.

Both on a personal and professional level, NFC technology is used more and more. Next, we are going to show you some of the uses of NFC technology in companies that are very useful for business.


The NFC allows a safe identification of equipment, operators, and places. For example, when it can be useful to identify a person. Operators only have to bring a mobile device close to an NFC tag to obtain information and register their presence.

Using NFC for identifications is useful in those cases in which there are multiple assets and equipment that must be controlled. Due to NFC technology, asset management and maintenance are easier and faster than ever.

Through the identification of people, you can control access to a room, or location, being able to know who and when a person enters a place.

Control and maintenance of assets

Maintaining the systems and equipment of a company is not always an easy task, that is why one of the uses of NFC technology in companies is the control and maintenance of equipment. Thanks to the NFC tags placed on the machines, it is possible to know at a specific moment who is doing the maintenance and review of them.

NFC helps to control assets and equipment in an agile and dynamic way with results in real-time and whose information can be consulted by both operators and administrators.

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Inventory management

By placing an NFC tag on an object, you can see where it is and more information related to it. For example, in these labels, there is information such as the production batch, its destination, or even associated documentation, among others. All this so that warehouse operators of the logistics and transport sector can more easily identify the products.

Doing the inventory in a company is a slow and expensive process, but with the help of NFC technology, it can be easier and faster, saving time and resources.

Through the reading of NFC tags, you can know the place where a product or object is.


One of the greatest advantages of using technology in companies is the improvement in security and control of protocols. Becoming the workplace into a safe place is more and more important for companies, especially in those jobs where the use of machines is essential.

With the use of NFC technology, work teams can be monitored and workers protected as well as being able to warn of dangerous areas. For example, if an operator enters a restricted area, machines could stop automatically.

Mobile payments

More and more users are encouraged to pay with their smartphones or smartwatches thanks to the use of NFC technology. In addition, mobile payments are safe, fast, and simple by bringing a mobile device closer to the reader.

As you have seen, the uses of NFC technology in companies are different, and sharing information and data between devices is easier than ever thanks to this contactless technology.

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