What will be the future of mobile apps?

The use of apps today is very usual. The future of mobile applications cannot be understood without the use of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Since the development of smart devices began, the creation of apps has been on the rise.

We must also bear in mind that more than half of the web traffic in the world is carried out from mobile phones, so we can see the importance of these types of devices.

At the point where the market is, the visibility offered by mobile devices to companies is very great. For this reason, their potential and all the possibilities they have to improve business processes are analyzed.

Now that mobile phones can be bought by anyone, it is when they can be implemented in workplaces to facilitate daily tasks and productivity.

the future of mobile apps

Do you know cross-platform mobile apps? Keep reading to learn more about them and their advantages.

The future of apps and digital transformation

Thanks to the increase in the use of smartphones, applications remain at their peak, but how far can they go? Are they used in all areas?

Although we cannot guarantee what the future of mobile applications will be like, looking at the data and information, we can affirm that the apps have a big future. Currently, there are more than 3 million mobile applications on Google Play and around 2 million on the App Store and these numbers continue to rise.

The future of mobile applications is related to digital transformation. This unavoidable process for any type of company allows it to acquire new competitive advantages and adapt to new market circumstances.

To carry out this entire process of change and transformation, technology and apps play a fundamental role in this new digital age.

Complementary technologies to the future of apps

As we have said before, the increase in the development and use of mobile applications is not an isolated event. This, together with other types of technologies, develops the future of mobile apps.

That is why talking about the future of apps is also talking about 5G, IoT, connected devices, integrations, and the incorporation of technologies such as virtual reality, AI, NFC, Bluetooth, wearables, biometrics, voice recognition, etc.

For example, 5G is one of the technological advances that has been heard about the most in recent months, and although its development is slower than expected. 5G will improve accessibility and the speed at which we navigate.

Another aspect that will mark the future of mobile apps is the need to connect the different devices in a company. Apps act as intermediaries and they allow the exchange of information and data from anywhere and at any time. As you can see, apps are a great ally of corporate mobility.

Did you know that in 2019 there were 8 billion connected devices worldwide? In addition, the largest number can be found in the world of smart cities, followed by industry and the health sector.

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