Bluetooth technology. What is it, how to connect, and the advantages of Bluetooth?

We are currently surrounded by technology and electronic devices 24/7. From Wi-Fi, NFC technology, or Bluetooth technology to devices such as tablets or smartphones that are constantly among us. Each technology has different uses and characteristics that are developed based on the objectives and needs of companies and users.

Over the years, all technologies have evolved in terms of speed, features, and elements that make them greater. This is how we can enjoy applications or even develop digital solutions that allow us to work remotely due to mobile devices.

Therefore, in this article we are going to focus on Bluetooth technology, how it has evolved, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. Although it seems an old and very known technology, we are not always aware of when we use it or how it works.

Bluetooth technology is something innovative that allows you to connect devices without the need for a cable. Due to its potential, new uses continue being investigated and developed that allow Bluetooth to be an updated technology.

bluetooth technology

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What is Bluetooth technology?

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology that allows devices to connect. This communication protocol emerged in the 90s and was developed by the union of companies such as Ericsson, IBM, Toshiba, Intel, Nokia, and Sony.

These companies saw the potential of wireless technology and decided to invest in its development. In the 2000s, it was launched on the market and was incorporated into numerous devices, which gradually made it more successful and became what it is today.

Bluetooth technology allows you to connect devices of a different nature without the need for cables at a distance of even 100 meters. In addition, data is transferred between devices thanks to radiofrequency waves that operate in the ISM band.

What is the Bluetooth connection for?

Currently, Bluetooth is available in numerous devices such as tablets, PCs, smartphones, cameras, printers, cars, etc. All this allows data and information to be shared with them, as well as to synchronize devices. For example, you can send documents, files, or send audio, among others.

From the moment which the full potential that Bluetooth technology can achieve is seen, numerous companies decide to develop solutions involving this type of technology. These solutions allow improving communication, the efficiency of processes, and business digitization.

Advantages of Bluetooth technology

At the time this connection was created, it was a revolution since it allowed different devices to be connected without the need for cables. In addition, the speed to share data is fast. Also, you do not need a lot of battery.

Connectivity via Bluetooth is easy to configure and it is in almost all devices, so it is free. No special app or connection is needed.

How does Bluetooth connect to a device?

Being a technology already developed and implemented for years in the devices, it is very easy to activate it.

Normally, in the shortcuts of the mobile device located at the top of the screen, we can find the Bluetooth symbol to activate it. If the device had already been connected previously, simply by activating Bluetooth the connection can be made. If it is the first time they are connecting, then they should pair or enter the device password.

In case of not having the Bluetooth icon in the shortcuts, the Wireless Connections option will appear in the Settings of the device.

These processes to activate Bluetooth technology are usually common for all electronic devices or appliances.

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