Differences between NFC and Bluetooth

Wireless technologies and devices are becoming more and more popular and therefore, contactless technologies such as NFC or Bluetooth are developed.

Given the importance of these tools that we handle every day, in today’s post, we will tell you some of the main differences between Bluetooth and NFC and on what occasions can be used.

Bluetooth is probably the wireless technology you are most familiar with. However, in recent months NFC technology is increasingly present thanks also to its incorporation into mobile devices and knowledge about its use.

We have already talked on this blog that mobile payments have been a vital factor for the rise of the NFC, although it is not the only use it has. For example, in companies, it is implemented in mobile applications to make sharing information easier and thus, improve processes and communication.

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Keep reading to see what the main differences are between Bluetooth and NFC.

diferencias entre bluetooth y nfc / differences between bluetooth and nfc

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Bluetooth technology

Bluetooth technology was one of the first ways to wirelessly transmit information and data to hit the market and to which most of us had access. Today, Bluetooth is already available on all types of mobile devices, which makes it a well-known and accessible technology for everyone.

For the exchange of information and data, it is necessary to pair two or more devices and place them less than approximately 10 cm apart, since it is a short-range technology.

In addition, the data transfer rates for Bluetooth connections are about 2 to 3 Mbit / sec, a figure that reflects that this wireless technology is faster than NFC. It is also a low power system that favors that only devices very close to each other are connected without influencing those that we do not want to connect.

Finally, Bluetooth consumes the battery of your device, so if you do not want that energy consumption to increase, it is better to keep it deactivated during the time that it is not in use.

NFC Technology

The acronym NFC in English means Near Field Communication. This technology is a simple, fast, and secure short-range wireless communication system between devices where the distance cannot be greater than 10 or 20 cm. This technology allows us to carry out contactless transactions, share digital content or connect devices with a simple touch between them. It is a system whose speed limit is 424 kbit / s, so it is designed to exchange little information quickly and easily.

With NFC you can make transactions, pair two devices, share information, or control access. Also, one of the uses for which NFC technology has become so popular in recent years is mobile payments. Thanks to NFC, paying for anything simply by bringing the mobile closer to the reader is very easy, comfortable, and fast.

NFC technology is a secure technology to share information and, as we have said, make payments through mobile devices.

We will discuss some recommendations and security tips to be prepared to develop secure mobile apps.

Differences between Bluetooth and NFC

Once we get to know each of these contactless technologies, we can explain what some of the differences are between Bluetooth and NFC and what we can use each of them for.

On the one hand, one of the differences between Bluetooth and NFC that we can highlight is the speed at which data and information are transmitted between devices. It is slower in NFC than in Bluetooth. NFC technology is made to transfer little information and weigh little.

Also, it is necessary to emphasize in favor of the Bluetooth that has already been available in all the devices for many years. This makes that Bluetooth is better known by users. Furthermore, the NFC is not implemented in all devices.

On the other hand, another difference between Bluetooth and NFC is that the first one allows you to connect with more than one device, while NFC is used between two devices. In addition, NFC technology connects faster to the reader than Bluetooth, simply by bringing a mobile device closer to the device that has the role of the reader, the exchange of information takes place.

Finally, another big difference between Bluetooth and NFC is that with the latter you can make mobile payments, which is a great advantage and even more today that we always carry smartphones with us and we have everything we need.

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