Top reasons for the maintenance of a mobile application

The development of a mobile application is not only the design and its programming. Creating an app involves a series of steps that range from the initial analysis of the idea to the maintenance and support once the application has been launched on the market.

Developing a mobile application development is not a simple process, so it is important to invest in its maintenance so that its performance remains efficient in the long term.

Just as devices have new versions every so often in order to improve services and avoid bugs and incidents, the same thing happens with apps. These have to be adapted to the changes that occur, improving the user experience and adjusting the way in which services are offered.

The development of an app is usually a project with a long-term vision. For this reason, although at first it may seem that the costs are high (depending on the type of app that we want to develop and its functionalities), investing in a quality tool with ongoing maintenance and support can be the key to success.

maintenance of an app

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Why is the maintenance of an app so important?

As we have said before, creating a mobile application is not just programming. The development of an app involves different steps that complete the entire process. One of these stages is the maintenance and support of the application. Why is necessary to invest in the maintenance of an app?

The main reason to maintain a mobile application is to solve problems and bugs. Through constant maintenance and support over time, incidents can be detected and solved. In addition, this is not the only reason. Active maintenance allows carrying out the necessary updates or even developing new features.

Maintenance allows apps to be dynamic tools in constant evolution. It provides added value and new experiences to users despite the time.

With the continuous development of new devices and technologies, apps have to be updated to new circumstances. It will be necessary to test how the application looks and behaves on new devices, different screen sizes, and operating systems in order to offer a good experience to users regardless of what devices they use.

On the other hand, security in the technological field is an increasingly important aspect for users. Having platforms and tools that ensure the privacy of data and information provides peace of mind to users. For this reason, investing in the maintenance of mobile applications will allow us to have more secure apps against possible cyberattacks.

How much does it cost to maintain an app?

Just like knowing the cost of developing an app, the cost of maintaining an application can vary a lot depending on factors such as the type, for which operating systems, the functionalities, etc. An app whose content is more informative doesn’t cost the same as an application for e-commerce which would need many more features and integrations.

Sometimes, the maintenance and support of an application can be carried out by the development company itself. If not, this stage can be carried out by the client.

The cost of maintaining an app will be a percentage of its total price. Once launched on the market, the mobile application will need vigilance and maintenance that allows it to be updated from time to time.


Despite being the last step in the development of an app, its maintenance and support are essential for long-term mobile app success.

In addition to all the reasons for maintaining an app given earlier in this article, the feedback given by the users must also be taken into account. These will help to know how to improve the application, find the mistakes, or what new features can be added to provide a better service.

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