How to develop secure mobile apps?

In recent years, we can see the increase in the use of mobile devices and the development of applications, as well as the security gaps in the digital world. We will talk about how to develop secure mobile apps and their importance nowadays. Don’t miss it!

Each day there are more and more mobile apps and devices, especially in our jobs where we can see the potential of these tools to improve productivity, efficiency, and communication.

Business mobility has a fundamental role for many companies since it helps to be connected at any time and place. Everybody can see what happens in the office, as well as being able to maintain communication with the work team.

But, it’s true that not everything that surrounds technology is good. In recent years, computer and cybersecurity attacks have increased.

In addition, it has been shown that the most vulnerable companies to suffer these attacks are small and medium-sized companies due to the scarce resources available to them to develop good computer security.

Today’s companies need to be aware of the importance of investing in developing secure mobile apps just as much as investing in their development. The data of customers, suppliers, collaborators, and the company will be more protected, which will provide confidence and security.

consejos seguridad en aplicaciones / tips for secure mobile apps

One of the most popular types of apps is native applications. So we will talk about them, the programming languages that are usually used, and the advantages of native apps.

How to create secure mobile apps?

There are still companies that believe that cybersecurity is only for large companies or that they will never suffer an attack. For this reason, awareness and training are important to understand the importance of developing secure mobile apps, platforms, and systems that avoid gaps or failures that expose sensitive data.

Mobile devices and applications allow us to carry out tasks, store a large amount of information and make our day-to-day easier by having everything on our smartphones with just one click.

Over the years, attacks and cyberthreats have increased, threatening the most compromised data of many companies.

Therefore, we will discuss some recommendations and security tips to be prepared to face any cyber attack and develop secure mobile apps.

Mobile app security tips

As we have said before, we all know the benefits and advantages of mobile applications and devices, but many times we are not aware of their dangers.

Due to the importance of cybersecurity, we are going to see some security tips in apps.

Update operating systems

Updating the operating systems is a very important aspect to maintain the security of the apps. It is because these updates propose improvements in different areas such as accessibility, design, or usability.

Not keeping a company’s mobile devices up-to-date can trigger a security gap in applications and therefore being more vulnerable to cyberattacks.

When developing a mobile application, we don’t have to take into account only the functionalities, the type of app, or the operating system, but the design and user experience in mobile apps are increasingly important aspects.

Analysis of the network accessed by mobile devices

Another important tip is to know the networks that business mobile devices access. In this way, it is possible to know if there are failures in the security and thus anticipates possible attacks, protecting sensitive corporate data.

Develop MDM systems for secure management

Today mobile device management systems are one of the solutions that are carried out in companies to unify and have control of mobile devices. MDM or Mobile Device Management systems allow you to manage and ensure the security of mobile devices.

With this solution, it is possible to manage and control the corporate data found on the company’s devices.

seguridad en las apps / secure mobile apps

Request credentials before displaying sensitive information

The vulnerable and important information of a business has to be well protected. To do this, requesting credentials or passwords is a good recommendation to have secure mobile apps. In this way, we can ensure that the person who accesses sensitive business information is a person with permission to access it.

Hire cybersecurity professionals

Having a team of cybersecurity will ensure that the applications that are developed are safe and the data is protected against any possible attack. In addition, do not forget to carry out the necessary tests to verify that everything works correctly and there are no security gaps that could compromise the data and important information about the company.

Inform users about the importance of protecting data and cybersecurity

Another tip of application security is related to users. Training is essential for people to understand the importance of protecting data and information, both corporate and personal. In this way, we managed to raise awareness of the importance of security in the digital years in which we live.

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