How important are good design and user experience in mobile apps?

We are sure that you have ever downloaded a mobile application and when it comes to using it, you have seen that it is not intuitive, it is not organized, and it makes users get lost or not comfortable browsing it. This is part of the design and user experience (UX) in mobile applications.

When developing a mobile application, we don’t have only to take into account the functionalities, the type of app, or the operating system, but the design and user experience in mobile apps are increasingly important aspects.

From the moment we start to develop an app, we have in mind the users who will use the tool and the ease of interaction.

Knowing how to choose the length of the scroll, the location of the buttons, the access process, purchase or payment through an application, as well as the loading time can mark the success or failure of the tool.

All these aspects are part of the design and user experience in mobile applications. Find out more about it in this post!

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What is user experience, and why it’s important in apps?

The user experience or UX is the process that a user does when interacting with a product, in this case, with a mobile application.

Being able to create a product with a careful design that users like and with which it is easy for them to interact is one of the main objectives of companies when developing an app.

If these aspects can be developed, companies can offer a unique user experience that turns out in a positive vision of an app, a website, any service or product.

Nowadays, the design and user experience of a mobile app can be decisive in the success or failure of a project.

experiencia de usuario en aplicaciones móviles / design and user experience in apps

How to improve the user experience in mobile applications.

After knowing the importance of good design and user experience in mobile applications, we are going to talk about some of the vital aspects to take into account to improve the UX.


Usability goes hand in hand with user experience. It is an element that helps users to be comfortable while navigating through a mobile app. Developing an application has the objective of solving problems for users.


For a good user experience, an app has to be simple, with the necessary information, and be useful for users. It is not necessary to create an application with functionalities that do not add value and can confuse people who use it.

Remember to let the elements ‘breathe’ between them, leaving spaces without objects that may give the feeling of having too much information to focus on.

The main objective of the app has to be reflected in the user experience of mobile applications.

Optimize the layout

Another measure to improve the user experience (UX) is to create an optimized and homogenized design of the application according to the brand, product, or service.


The easiness of navigation is one of the most important points when it comes to improving the user experience. Simple and uncomplicated navigation for the user allows them to access the valuable content they want, making the experience of using the app turns out positive.

In addition, the loading speed must be taken into account. The faster the content loads in the app, the better the user experience is.

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App elements

Buttons, calls to action, texts, or registration forms are elements that you can find in almost all applications. These are very important elements in order to give a good impression of the mobile app.

To improve the user experience in mobile applications buttons must be large, legible texts, not ask for too much information in the forms, and display notifications. These clarifications of what is happening in the app allow users to have control of their experience.

Those elements that may be unnecessary and that can distract must be eliminated.

safe place app


With all these tips to improve the user experience, we want to reach the objectives set about the design and user experience of a mobile app.

In addition, the content and information must be adapted to the screens of mobile devices, avoiding having a lot of information and elements on screens.

Finally, apart from following these tips, one of the best ways to improve the user experience in applications is to take into account the opinion of the people who use the app. Once launched in the market, feedback can be requested to improve the design, usability, navigation, etc.

At ABAMobile, we develop mobile applications always keeping the user experience in mind. We create a work process where the design and usability of the apps we develop are central aspects. In this way, the experience contributes to the success of the application.

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