ABAMobile in the European Business Day in Bordeaux

On March 21 we had the privilege to participate in the European Business Day European project EIBT-SUDOE, held in the city of Bordeaux (France).

Thank CEEI Asturias, as a project´s partner, for the invitation to participate in this international networking event with EIBTs of Alentejo region (Portugal), Asturias, Biscay, Navarre and Aquitaine (France).

european business day

This networking aims to help EIBTs to strengthen and increase contacts and explore new opportunities for collaboration or business among the attendees.

For us, it was quite an experience to present our project in an international environment. Furthermore, it has served us to know more in-depth the services and products offered by Trojaola & LIST, Intelmec, Vortica, with whom we share not only the event, also the travel.

What is SUDOE Program?

SUDOE EIBT project fits into a wider program, SUDOE Program aimed at consolidating Southeast Europe as a territorial cooperation area in the scope of competitiveness and innovation, the environment, sustainable development, and spatial planning for contributing to a harmonious and balanced integration in their regions within the objectives of economic and social cohesion of the EU.

This new generation SUDOE Program was developed by the four Member States, Spain, France, Portugal and Gibraltar the UK, and is part of the European Territorial Cooperation Objective, co-funded by the ERDF Structural Funds for the period 2007-2013.El pasado día 21 de Marzo tuvimos el privilegio de participar en el European Business Day del proyecto europeo EIBT-SUDOE, celebrado en la ciudad de Burdeos (Francia)

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