We celebrate our 9th birthday!

This year, ABAMobile has turned 9 years old. In 2012, four friends partnered to create what ABAMobile has become today. Nerea, Raúl, Luis, and Alberto had seen the potential of mobile devices that, at that time, were beginning to emerge and become accessible to most people.

At that time, many of us were already using a smartphone that allowed us to be connected with everything that was happening in the world. So why not use these devices in businesses to take advantage? This is how our specialization in mobile devices, their technologies, and the development of apps began.

9 aniversario ABAMobile

Throughout these years, we have seen how market and consumer habits have changed and how the advance of digitization has transformed companies and their cultures. Nowadays, there are solutions where technology plays a fundamental role to face up the business’s challenges.

Over time, we have been offering the best to our clients, as well as trying to understand their needs better.

Being aware of how technology advances, constant vigilance is key to our work. For this reason, we specialize in technologies such as NFC, QR codes, or Beacons because we see how they can be useful for companies.

It has been 9 years since we began to develop apps in ABAMobile, and we hope to continue growing and carrying out innovative projects with clients from anywhere in the world.

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