What is proof of concept in app development?

The testing phase in software development is essential to see the viability of a solution. To do this, we carry out a process known as proof of concept or PoC.

In the development process of any product, tests are necessary to see how the result is going to be. Thanks to this part of the process, mistakes can be noticed, and modifications and changes can be made to improve the final result.

Testing has always been fundamental. From the creation of a product to the software solutions that are currently being developed. In the process of creating an app, one of the steps that we always carry out is testing. When a mobile app is developed, tests are made to see that everything works correctly.

In today’s post, we will talk about proofs of concept (PoC), what they are and what advantages they have in mobile app development. Keep reading!

proof of concept what is it

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What is a proof of concept or PoC?

A proof of concept is a phase of a project in which the development is presented in the simplest way to see its technical feasibility. In this way, it is possible to see if the result will be the desired one before investing all the efforts and resources. Also, developers can anticipate mistakes and observe possible modifications to be made before starting the whole development.

In the world of software and mobile applications, proofs of concept are widely used to see if an app or tool can be successful or not.

To start with a proof of concept it is necessary to have a clear idea of the mobile application to be developed, as well as its objectives. In this way, the team who does the test can understand the situation better and provide a proof of concept as accurately as possible to what clients need.

Software experts are in charge of validating the idea at the technical level and providing results that show the feasibility of the project.

In a proof of concept, the app or product does not have to be developed, although sometimes this process is necessary to see if an idea is viable. In the case of being developed, it would be done in a very simple and elementary way without using many resources.

When it is necessary to do a PoC

This process is usually carried out in cases when a new idea or an innovative product is created. It may also be the case that an existing product has new functionalities not seen before. Therefore, since it is something new, it is necessary to see if it is possible to develop it and see how consumers would respond to it.

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Advantages of a proof of concept

As we have said before, the main advantage of carrying out a PoC is to see the feasibility of a project in advance without making the whole investment.

This process, being a first approximation toward what can be developed, involves a low cost since a very small investment is made. In addition, the proof of concept of an app is performed and technically validated by a group of IT experts, thus generating greater confidence in the customer.

By carrying out a PoC, less risk is taken when developing an app or any product. All this allows you to create more solid projects ensuring their viability.

Concept testing allows you to test a product, service, or solution such as a mobile application. At ABAMobile, as specialists in app development, we perform proofs of concept that help us to see how a software solution will work without being fully developed.

Difference between MVP and proof of concept (PoC)

Both are processes used to see if a product or service can be successful in the market. The proof of concept is a very initial phase when a technical feasibility report is developed. This can be presented to investors so that they can see that developing an app or product is possible. In the proof of concept, it is also possible to develop the product itself but in a very simple way.

The development of a minimum viable product (MVP) involves the development and launch of a product such as an app but having invested minimum resources. It is the process prior to developing the full product. Developing a minimum viable product allows the launch of a solution to the market and validates it to see how it behaves among users.

In ABAMobile, we have been developing mobile applications for companies since 2012. We have been able to carry out proofs of concept and develop minimum viable products that ensure the viability and success of the app. Contact us to start your mobile project and take a step further in digital transformation!

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