How to publish an app in the download stores? How much is it?

Today, the most popular app marketplaces are the App Store and the Play Store. It is estimated that between both platforms there are more than 4 million applications available and this number will continue to increase. Given the importance of mobile applications, we tell you how to publish an app and how much it costs.

Depending on the platform we are talking about, we will find apps for one or another operating system. In the App Store, we find applications for iOS devices, while in the Play Store, you can find all kinds of apps for Android.

In addition, in recent months there has been talking about Huawei App Gallery, a marketplace for Huawei apps.

As we have said, mobile applications are increasingly important in our daily lives and it is expected that this will continue. In this article, we talk about how to publish an app through the app’s marketplaces and what is its cost.

how to publish an app

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How to publish an app in the Play Store

The Play Store is the marketplace with the most apps available and one with the most daily downloads. Being present in the Play Store allows for greater visibility, but also there is more competition.

Publishing an app is the last step in the mobile app development process. It is the final step that will allow users to start enjoying it. But, how to publish an app to the Play Store?

How to upload a mobile application to the Play Store?

The first step is to have a developer account in the Google Play Developer Console. Only the first time, it is necessary to pay $25 that Google charges as a fee. Once the payment is made you can start setting up the account. This first step and payment will need to be done only the first time we access the Google Play Developer Console account.

Next, the developer’s profile can be completed with a description and additional information such as contact, website, etc. In addition, information about purchases in the app can also be included. When the developer accesses the account, it is possible to see the previously uploaded apps, reports, additional configuration, information, etc.

Once the developer data is completed, you can upload an app to the platform. To do this, you must attach the APK file and complete all the information related to the application. From the title, a short description, images that allow users to see what it is like, as well as the language and the countries where it will be available. Another of the most important points is categorization, including contact information and detailing whether the app is going to be paid or free.

Once all this information is completed, it will be reviewed to verify that it meets all the requirements of the Google platform.

How to publish an app on the App Store

To know how to publish an application to the App Store, you need to know a series of steps that we will see below. In order to upload an app in App Store is necessary to register on the developer platform.

To create the developer account it is necessary to pay $99 per year and complete the necessary data and configuration. Next, the developer account will be registered in XCode to generate the certificates associated with it.

At this point, you can now package the application and upload it to the marketplace. The information that is added to complete the presentation of an app can be essential to improve its visibility and reach within the platform.

The information must be added such as a description, images of the app, the category in which it is included, the privacy policy, contact information, the price if it is paid, etc.

Once the application has been uploaded and the information has been completed, it is time for Apple to review it. From the company, they will inform us if we meet all the requirements and regulations and if they will accept the publication in the App Store.

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How much does it cost?

Publishing an app is not very expensive. In the Play Store, a fee of $25 must be paid only at the time the developer account is created on its platform.

In the App Store platform, the amount is different and slightly higher. It is $99.

As you can see, the fact that your next mobile application appears on these platforms is not an expensive process.

Importance of ASO positioning in the publication of an app

Before, we talked about the importance of filling in all the data about the application that you want to upload, but do you know why?

Given the number of mobile apps that exist, making yours stand out is not easy. To improve the reach and visibility of apps, we are going to put into practice some ASO techniques.

For the right ASO positioning strategy, the information provided is essential. You must create a good description that includes the keywords for which you want to position the app. In addition, the more information and details we add, the more possibilities there are to achieve a good position. Learn more about how the ASO positioning of an app works.