What is e-learning? New ways of learning based on devices

Thanks to new technologies many things have changed in our day-to-day life. From the way we work, listen to music, watch movies and series, or even the ways of learning. New forms of teaching have emerged based on the internet and devices. It is what we call e-learning. But what is e-learning? Is e-learning used in companies? What are the benefits of this type of learning?

Distance education, virtual training, or corporate knowledge management have been developed thanks to e-learning and new devices.

According to Forbes magazine, the e-learning or electronic learning industry is expected to grow to 325 billion dollars by 2025. In addition, complementary technologies such as augmented and virtual reality are beginning to be used. Thus, more efficient and realistic pieces of training are created despite the distance.

We discuss what e-learning is and how it has evolved in recent years based on the new devices that are appearing.

what is e-learning

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What is e-learning?

E-learning or electronic learning is a type of training based on technologies and devices such as computers, tablets, or smartphones. Thanks to videos, articles, tutorials, or webinars, people can receive training from their own homes.

Using new technologies and the internet for learning it is created more personalized training and new teaching methods. In addition, electronic learning offers more flexible training adapted to users.

E-learning platforms are easy to use thanks to multimedia resources such as videos or audio, as well as texts. Some of the best-known platforms are those that belong to universities and offer MOOCs (massive open online courses).

In addition, gamification techniques are becoming more popular as they create more dynamic, entertaining, and attractive training for users, often even with rewards.

Electronic learning for companies

Electronic learning is not only used in schools or universities but also in organizations it is becoming more and more popular.

Training in companies is essential. It is important to be up-to-date with news and tools that come onto the market in order to optimize tasks and improve productivity. In addition, managing the knowledge of employees through mobile applications allows them to better understand the company internally and its processes, products, or services. Electronic learning for companies also allows company administrators to know precisely what is failing when communicating with their employees or what aspects can be improved so that workers have more up-to-date and precise knowledge about the company.

From face-to-face training in companies, it has gone to online courses, virtual training, or webinars. This new learning offers employees greater flexibility and adaptation, being able to do training from anywhere thanks to the Internet.

Benefits of e-Learning

Once we have described what e-learning is and how it is used in companies, we can see all the benefits it can offer to companies and institutions, as well as for employees and students.

Among some of the benefits, we can say that costs are reduced. All you need is a platform and upload media resources. In addition, one of the advantages of technology is immediacy. Users will be able to access the platform at any time and from any place. Only with a single click, do they have all the content and updated information.

Each user will be able to monitor their process and results, thus seeing how they can improve. Another benefit of electronic learning platforms is the accessibility, as well as the possibility of displaying different types of content (from videos, images, presentations, tutorials, etc).

Thanks to these new methods of learning based on technologies and devices, students or employees acquire greater importance and a central role in training.

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