Participation in the event Emplea-t4x4

January 31, we participated in the Networking Macro-events organized by Emplea-t 4×4 with the participation of four collectives (about 300 people).

noticiasEmpleat4x4 Project t Emplea-t 4×4 general objective is the Asturias labor market revitalization, through a Total Talent Management, encouraging contact and cooperation of those agents considered vital to the recovery of employment and entrepreneurship.

This project aims to

  • Sensitize and energize the business and entrepreneurial social reality.
  • Contribute proactively to job creation and business development, facilitating and contacting talent through different channels and strategies.
  • Break the gap between unemployed, companies and recruiters.
  • Generate a common channel to share entrepreneurial experiences, business or employment-related.
  • Create and strengthen opportunities for dialogue, the transmission of know-how and debate.
  • Contacting professionals dedicated to job placement and selection with potential customers (employers and unemployed).
  • Include, in networking activities, the collective who needs more this help: people actively seeking employment.
  • Promote efficient and effective interaction of all groups, urging them to cooperate in projects (labor relations, agreements, advice, etc.)

Our participation in the program had the following objectives


  • Careers / jobs.
  • First-hand information on the situation of the sector.
  • Expert advice for entrepreneurs.
  • Collaborations with other enterprises and businesses.


  • Respond to staff needs.
  • Expert advice on human resources issues.
  • Collaborations and new business lines.
  • Dissemination of business activity.
  • Contact entities with job opportunities.
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