Benefits of progressive web app development

As we can see today, mobile applications help us in our work and personal life. Developing a native, hybrid, or web app has advantages and disadvantages. In today’s post, we are going to focus on PWAs and talk about the benefits of progressive web app development.

Progressive web applications, native applications, or hybrid applications. The type of mobile app that is needed can be one of the great dilemmas of companies when developing an app for their business.

desarrollo progressive web apps / progressive web app development

When we think and talk about mobile app development, the first option that comes to mind is native applications. They are probably the most developed apps, thanks to their high level of customization. But in recent times, we can see how progressive web applications (PWA) are standing out.

When PWAs came out, they were not given proper importance. It was thought that they were another type of mobile application and that their contribution was very similar to others. But this changes when companies like Facebook or Twitter find out the potential of PWAs.

Today, we will tell you everything you need to know about progressive web applications. We will talk about what progressive web apps are or how they work.

What are progressive web applications?

If you still don’t know what progressive web applications are, you are reading the right post. Below we will explain what PWAs are and why they are increasingly developed in companies.

The definition of progressive web applications is that they are the best combination between native applications and web pages. “And why?” You may be wondering.

On the one hand, these types of applications are based on web pages and are developed thanks to website technologies such as CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript.

On the other hand, they are like a native app in terms of user experience since it provides a much more agile and faster user experience than a web page. Although the level of customization of progressive web applications is not as high as native apps, PWAs provide features such as push notifications that allow a high level of customization.

Due to this combination of technologies and characteristics, more and more companies find out the benefits of progressive web app development for the business.

How Progressive Web Apps Work

When you make the decision to develop a progressive web application, you must ask yourself if it is the type of mobile application that your company needs. Remember that although PWAs have great features and benefits, knowing the users who will use your app will be key to knowing if a progressive web application is the most appropriate solution.

Having decided this, it’s time to find out how progressive web applications are developed. Are they created as if they were a web page or as a native application?

The development of progressive web applications is based on Services Workers, responsive web design, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript, along with specific frameworks that are used for mobile app development.

desarrollo aplicaciones web progresivas / pwa development

Services Workers is a technology used to run background services in browsers. It is a more complex tool that can be run independently of the application. This technology forms the basis of the development of progressive web applications, and although it is not essential for its creation, it does facilitate the development of PWA.

Benefits of progressive web app development

One of the benefits of progressive web app development is the user experience that it offers, it is better than a web page. But how do you get a better user experience and attract quality traffic?

Benefits of PWAs – Fast, lightweight, and secure tools

They are faster and more secure than web pages, as well as they have a performance very similar to native apps. 

In addition, they are widely accepted by users because they consume little data.

There are times when we have to delete content from our devices because the storage is almost full. Many times this is due to some native apps. With progressive web applications, this will not happen to you because they take up much less space.

Benefits of PWAs – Cheaper than native apps

A benefit of progressive web app development is the price. They are cheaper than developing native ones. Native apps require specific technology and resources, as well as more time. For these reasons, they are more expensive.

If you want to know how much an app is worth, we recommend this post about how much it costs to develop an app.

Benefits of PWAs – Offline, push notifications, and direct access

One of the great benefits of progressive web app development is that they work without an internet connection since they operate in the cloud. In addition, as if they were native apps, push notifications can also be sent to stay in contact with users.

Also, PWAs allow you to create shortcuts to access an application from the home screen of a mobile device as if it were native.

Benefits of PWAs – No updates or downloads

With progressive web applications, users do not need to update them because they are in the cloud, and this process is automatic.

If you want to have a PWA on your device, it is not necessary to download it from any mobile application store, but it can be easily shared through a URL.

Another benefit of progressive web app development compared to the native one is that PWAs can be adapted to any device without the need to do a specific development for each operating system. This makes responsive design key in progressive web applications.

aplicaciones web progresivas / pwa


Having read this post, it can be said that PWAs combine the best of native applications and web pages, deleting the disadvantages of websites and using the best of apps.

It should be noted that, although we have been making a comparison between native apps and progressive web, they are not substitutes but can be used together according to the strategy of each company.

Will PWAs become the most developed type of mobile application in the future?

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