ABAMobile with AJE Asturias at the University of Oviedo

On Friday, February 15th we had the opportunity to talk about our business experience to students in the Master’s degree in Digital Home and Robotic Services at the University of Oviedo.

Charla Master Hogar Digital y Robótica de Servicios

As a mobile development company and software experts, AJE Asturias called us in order to invite us to stay in this activity for the University of Oviedo. There, we have told the pupils our path over these years and we have noticed the real interest that young people from Asturias have in software technologies and robotics. Also, we have told them the great opportunities they can find in the technology industry because it is a sector in development and with big power.

Alberto was the person who represented the ABAMobile team and its values and philosophy, so we are sure that it managed to capture the interest of the students.

We have to thank both, the direction of the master’s degree and AJE Asturias, who have had ABAMobile in mind to participate in the talks organized by the master’s degree.

It was quite an experience to share our knowledge with students and we hope you found topics covered during the talk interesting.

The event was covered by local print media.

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