ABAMobile 2023 Overview

One more year in ABAMobile we have continued to grow. The team continues to grow and the professional challenges do not cease. Therefore, in the last post of the year, we wanted to make a summary of 2023, from projects, and new services to awards and recognitions that we have obtained throughout these months.

ABAMobile overview


We continue to adapt to the trends of the technology market, as well as to the needs of our clients. To do so, we offer technological consultancy and project analysis to find out what our clients need and to be able to adapt better.

Through personalised advice, we help companies and start-ups to improve their work processes by developing a customised mobile solution. This year, we have emphasised to our customers how important the initial phase of a project is for its future success.

In addition, in 2023 we are also reinforcing our application maintenance and update service. We know how important this phase of a project is for its correct functioning, so we have helped companies to maintain the success of their application thanks to the development, the creation of new designs and new features, as well as the necessary updates.


In 2023, we continued working on various projects that have allowed us to continue growing as professionals and applying the knowledge acquired after more than 11 years of experience.

Some of the most noteworthy success stories are Cafento, Emby, and Lotofly. The first of these is a mobile application that works as a communication channel between Cafento and the hoteliers to report incidents in the coffee machines. This reduces the time and intermediaries needed to solve a breakdown.

On the other hand, Emby is an application developed for use in laboratories and helps medical professionals to count cells during seminal tests. This application has improved the time and efficiency of the process, which was previously done manually.

Another project we would like to highlight in this year’s review is Lotofly. This native mobile application works as a digital lottery administration for users, allowing them to participate in Loterías y Apuestas del Estado by linking users to a trusted point of sale and validating bets.

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Awards and recognitions

Among the awards and recognitions received this year, we would like to highlight the Innovative Partner award in the SME category of the Innovasturias awards. This year, the ABAMobile team presented our proposal focusing on the more than 10 years we have been working on the development of innovative mobile solutions.

Events like this highlight the value of small and large Asturian companies and help to show the potential and talent that exists in the region.

In addition, this 2023 we have been nominated for the Radar Awards organised by CEEI. In the ODS category, we have presented the Reusemed project, an application to promote the recycling and reuse of products.

Other achievements

Throughout this year we have also become partners and associates of various institutions that allow us to further increase our expertise in the world of technology.

We are a new partner of ETIM Spain and, through this collaboration, we will help companies to implement the ETIM model, a standard model that saves costs and ensures error-free data exchange.

With more than 10 years of experience in creating digital solutions with NFC, we have become a partner of the NFC Forum organisation. This is a further step in our specialisation and we strive to offer quality, secure and tailored solutions to our customers.

In addition to this, we have become an iLOQ integrator for mobile, battery-free, and NFC-enabled opening systems.

Through these partnerships, we offer more and more personalised services tailored to our customers’ needs.

As you can see, 2023 has been a very intense year where we have continued to grow as professionals. In addition, our passion for technology and digital solutions has remained intact since the beginning of ABAMobile, which allows us to enjoy our work more and more every day.

We hope that next year you will continue to join us and that we will be able to continue adding achievements together!

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