What is low code development?

Since the boom in mobile applications started, finding new, faster, and more flexible ways of development has been something that companies have been focused on. For this reason, in this post, we are going to talk about a type of development characterized by the use of low code. Keep reading because we will explain what low code development is, its characteristics, and its advantages.

At the time that mobile applications entered our lives along with smartphones and other devices, not everyone was aware of the potential that these new tools had because they can be developed to measure and their functions are almost limitless.

Due to the importance that mobile applications are gaining in companies, new ways of development are needed in order to facilitate the work of the developers, as well as to allow users with less programming knowledge to create digital solutions efficiently.

Do you want to know more about what low code development is and how it affects mobile application development? Keep reading!

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What is low code development?

The term low code is a new development approach that allows creating mobile applications by using the least manual code possible.

That low code development involves less programming thanks to the code elements that are already predefined. These can be visuals graphics, drag and drop interfaces, and other preconfigured things.

When the concept of low code began to be used, some characteristics that define this new development modality were pointed out. As we have said before, the predefined graphical elements help in programming with less code. Another feature is being able to reuse elements such as plugins and widgets. What’s more, low code development platforms and their elements are located in the cloud, making them available to IT teams immediately to use them.

desarrollo low code / low code development

Low code development platform

As the demand for mobile applications for companies has increased, this new low code trend has become popular. From this point on, numerous low code platforms have been created in order to help developers to program software solutions in a simpler and faster way.

These low code platforms are made up of highly organized, structured, and strong interfaces with preconfigured elements that save time and resources for software professionals.

In addition, these low code platforms can be integrated with other business software that complements the solutions of a company. Thus, it can maintain a connection between systems and information.

Sometimes companies create their own low-code cloud platforms to share company-specific elements with their teams of developers.

Despite the existence of these low code platforms that allow you to create applications with less code, the need for software experts is still essential to do the job correctly.

Remember that this type of platform does not develop a mobile application or a complete software solution. It is a tool to help this development.

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Advantages of creating mobile apps using low code

The main advantage of developing low code solutions is the speed of programming. As we have commented before, the low code makes the developers use the minimum code possible and have numerous elements already predefined. This makes the processes simpler and saves time and money.

Another advantage of creating mobile applications with low code development is saving both time and money. Using low code saves time not only when developing a solution but also when correcting the code.

Simplicity is another of the advantages of low code development since this new way of programming allows people without software knowledge to create this type of solution. This means that, by using visual and graphic tools, other departments such as design can collaborate in mobile application development, thus increasing agility and encouraging teamwork.


The need for updates has led to the development of low-code platforms and new programming methods that facilitate and speed up the process of creating a mobile application.

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