How to create online voting to increase participation in an event?

In today’s post, we will focus on how we can create online voting to increase audience participation in events like conferences, congresses, or assemblies.

Nowadays, events have to reinvent themselves and introduce new aspects that surprise and attract the attention of the audience. For this reason, solutions such as mobile applications for events, voting, and televoting systems or platforms for organizing B2B meetings have arisen. They help companies to create networking.

Seeing all the news about events, in this post, we are going to see how to create online voting to increase participation in an event.

Public participation in events such as trade fairs, congresses, or conferences is often essential for their success. For this reason, technology has a fundamental role. The development of mobile applications allows you to have all the information with just one click on your smartphone.

crear una votacion online / how to create an online voting

Why create an online vote at an event?

As we have said before, events also evolve, transform, and are digitized thanks to technologies. Using elements like smartphones, which are devices we use every day, is an option that many organizers use to make the event more accessible.

Access to a venue can be facilitated by a smartphone. In addition, mobile phones help to keep the public’s attention through a single channel and be able to add and update all information related to the event at any time.

On the other hand, obtaining data and information from the people who attend an event gives us an advantage about how those people are, what they like, or their opinions on a specific topic.

In addition, having fun and creating dynamic events where public opinion is required, makes attendees participate more and become more involved and integrated into it.

Where can we implement online voting?

Online voting where people use their smartphones is increasingly common at events. Voting systems are used at conferences, fairs, congresses, awards ceremonies, or assemblies. It is an easy way to ask questions or survey your audience without fear that no one will answer, as it is often an attractive way to respond and participate.

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How should the questions of an online vote be?

Depending on the type of event in which we want to create online voting, it will be necessary to think about the questions that will be asked.

For example, the questions that will be created in an assembly will be more formal than the ones that will be asked in a fair or congress. Even in some presentations, they can be with a more humorous and carefree tone.

Open questions can be asked where the participants answer what they consider or closed questions, those in which several options are presented and one of them is chosen.

In addition to being able to create voting or surveys during an event, it is also possible to do it after the event to know the opinion of the public and obtain feedback about how to improve in future editions.

votacion online para eventos / televoting for events

What system can we use to create an online vote at an event?

Currently, there are many platforms that allow you to create online voting at an event, although not all of them work through the smartphone, but rather require the rental of independent devices to carry out the voting.

The easiest and most comfortable way is to use the audience’s own mobile devices to answer questions from the speakers or organizers. In addition, it represents a cost-saving since it would not be necessary to have other types of devices.

Some of these systems can be used in both online and face-to-face events and obtain the results in real-time. These results can be blind until the voting is completely finished or not, thus seeing which options are being voted the most.

At ABAMobile, we have a televoting system that has been used in different events such as award ceremonies where the audience could choose the winner or in congresses and conferences. Get in touch if you want to know more.

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