ABAMobile becomes an iLOQ integrator for mobile, battery-free, and NFC-opening systems

Innovation and our passion for technologies have made us become a company specialised in contactless technologies such as NFC since the beginning of ABAMobile.

The development of mobile solutions with integrated NFC technology has allowed us to create tools capable of keeping people and devices connected. We bring together the physical and digital worlds.

Given our experience of more than 11 years creating digital solutions with NFC, we have become iLOQ integrators for the development of solutions and customised mobile applications that allow the opening of doors and spaces from mobile phones.

iLOQ is a company specialising in the creation of locks and padlocks with NFC technology, which are also the first on the market not to use batteries. This means less maintenance and savings for customers.

It is the first self-powered NFC lock that generates its own energy via a smartphone. This system, together with a secure and easy-to-use software platform, saves money and simplifies access management.

Through the development of apps, we integrate NFC door-opening solutions that maximise security while reducing costs. Thanks to our experience in integrating third-party systems, these solutions can be integrated with any existing system in the company.

The development of NFC-enabled mobile applications allows for advanced communication between physical and digital devices and keeps large amounts of data up to date.

With this new collaboration between ABAMobile and iLOQ, we take another step forward in our specialisation and we strive to offer quality, secure and adapted solutions to our customers.

ABAMobile is an iLOQ integrator for mobile NFC opening systems