What is a digital-first strategy in companies?

The digital environment is becoming important not only in personal environments thanks to mobile devices but also in the professional world. In recent years, companies have seen how digitizing processes and transforming the entire corporate culture toward the digital world improves customer service and productivity. For all these reasons, it is popular to talk about ‘digital first’ strategies.

Faced with the changing environment, companies need tools, protocols, and processes that allow them to adapt quickly. Businesses that do not develop digitally are much more likely to disappear.

Digital channels and strategies are becoming increasingly important as improvements in the development of mobile devices and daily internet usage increase and evolve to offer us more possibilities every day.

As a company specializing in the development of mobile solutions for companies and aware of the importance of digital channels, in this post we will talk about what a digital-first strategy is, what it consists of, and its advantages. Keep on reading so that your company is not left behind!

digital-first strategy

What is a digital-first strategy?

To understand what a digital-first strategy is, we must understand the importance of digital today. Therefore, through the development of digital-first strategies in a company, the aim is to give priority to digital channels before traditional ones.

This does not imply the disappearance of traditional elements, channels, or platforms, but rather that the digital environment should play a leading role.

The digital-first philosophy is closely linked to the digitization of processes and corporate digital transformation. Implementing a digital-first strategy is more common in sales, marketing, and customer service departments.

To better understand what a digital-first strategy is, we can give an example. In the case of carrying out advertising actions, a digital-first strategy will give priority to online advertising over television, radio, or other more traditional media. Another example would be when it comes to customer service. In recent times, we see how strategies are being adopted through channels such as Whatsapp.

As you can see, transformation and the focus on digital is the new normal in the business world. Keeping a digital-first philosophy offers a better user experience and improves the work of employees and the visibility and image of a business.

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Advantages of a digital-first strategy

After knowing better what a digital-first strategy is, we will talk about the advantages of carrying it out. Among the benefits of a digital-first strategy that can be highlighted:

Flexibility and adaptability. The use of technologies and the development of strategies in the digital environment offer the possibility of adapting faster and more agile to the new circumstances of the markets. Today, the company that adapts more quickly to changes is the one that has more advantage over the others.

Information and data security. In the digital environment, there are tools and platforms that help companies to have corporate data securely available. This avoids having information in papers and folders, going a step further by digitizing documents.

By carrying out digital-first strategies, the capacity to respond to changes is improved. This improves productivity and also saves time and money.

Differences with the Mobile first philosophy

On other occasions you may have heard about the Mobile First philosophy, but what is the difference between a digital-first vs mobile-first strategy?

As you have seen throughout this post, carrying out a digital-first strategy means that the actions carried out in a company aim to be developed first in a digital environment. However, the mobile-first philosophy means that the development of websites, online stores, or any digital tool will be developed thinking first in mobile devices.

The mobile-first philosophy wants to value responsive design and adapt digital content to mobile channels given the importance that smartphones, tablets, and wearables have in the daily lives of users.

Although they have similar names and both concepts highlight the digital environment as one in which it is essential to adapt, each has its own explanation.

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