5 Trends in Cybersecurity

The reliance on mobile devices is increasing. For this reason, keeping the information and data we store on devices secure is essential. Nowadays, we store all kinds of personal and business information on them, which is why there is a growing concern for cybersecurity among users. Read on to find out about some of the trends in cybersecurity!

The new digital era in which we live means that new security threats are being created and therefore, companies and users have new challenges to face. In addition, users must be increasingly trained to improve the security of their own information.

The vulnerabilities that have emerged in cyberspace in recent years thanks to the rise of technology, innovation, and devices make cybersecurity the order of the day.

Due to its current importance, companies must invest in professionals and experts to protect and train users.

In this post, we tell you about some of the main trends in cybersecurity for the coming times.

trends in cybersecurity

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Cloud solutions

The growth of cloud services and all the possibilities they offer is driving more and more companies to migrate to the cloud. This is a competitive boost for organisations, but also a security challenge.

Since remote working has become prevalent in many sectors, the use of cloud services has increased and therefore vulnerabilities have increased. This is why new controls and better systems are needed to ensure security in the cloud.

Cloud systems are services that have great benefits such as scalability but are also prone to cyber-attacks.

Therefore, one of the cybersecurity trends for the coming months will be to monitor and improve these services, creating tools and controls to prevent attacks.

IoT devices

Another trend in cybersecurity will be in connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Connectivity is one of the defining characteristics of the digital era we live in. It is expected that connected devices will continue to increase every year and that all the information they collect will be exchanged to provide better and more personalised experiences for users.

Having different devices connected has many benefits but it can also be a gateway for attacks and information theft. This is why systems need to be put in place to detect cyber-attacks on devices and ensure data security.

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Mobile devices

Mobile devices have marked a turning point in the way we communicate. Nowadays, almost everyone has a device such as a smartphone or even a smartwatch.

We use them for multiple tasks, be it for working, talking, consuming entertainment and culture, and so on. All this means that a lot of information is stored on them, which can be a target for a cyber-attack.

For all these reasons, another trend in cybersecurity will be the improvement of operating systems, reinforcing updates to make them more and more secure.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the technologies that is making waves and will continue to do so in the coming months.

AI is another trend in cybersecurity, as it can help prevent cyberattacks by protecting devices, systems, and platforms. The use of this technology enables faster and more effective responses to potential threats and risks.

Awareness and training for users

With the rapid growth of digital environments and their use, the risks and challenges that both companies and users have to face are increasing. This requires adequate training of people and awareness of the importance of storing data and information correctly.

In addition, users must learn to detect potential risks and know how to act in case of a cybersecurity threat.

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