FIMA Agrobusiness App

FIMA Agrobusiness is the official mobile app of the farming fair that has been held in Zaragoza (Spain). The aim is that users can consult the whole information about the event, from the programme, the stands and the location to the speakers’ data.

Zaragoza’s fair is one of the most important places in Europe where faires are held. There, a lot of fairs are organized in order to make different products publish, from farming products to furniture. In this case, the Farming Fair in Zaragoza is the most important farming event in the south of Europe. More than 227.000 professionals have gathered in this edition, in Zaragoza from the 16th to the 20th of February 2016.

For this reason, FIMA got in touch with us to develop its solution. The main objective is to provide the audience with the whole information about the event and give importance to the farmers.

ABAMobile has developed the App for the FIMA by using the platform App for events. It is a service that allows event organizers to have, in a short time, a specific App, which enables them to promote and communicate all the information of the event. The app is available for Android and iOS. In this way, everybody can access it.

fima aplicación