ABA WiFi Share

ABA WiFi Share save your WiFi conexión on NFC tags or QR codes to share it easily and safely.

  • User will be able to connect to your WiFi without sharing names or passwords
  • Capable to forget the connection when you finish it.
  • Set the connection time for your users.
  • Possibility to open a URL when connecting to the WiFi network.

This app is useful for those businesses that want to share their internet connection with their customers, without giving the access keys, controlling the time of connection that is offered and make sure that they return to consume in future visits to the establishment.

In addition, you can take advantage of the mobile device so that, once connected the client to the business Wifi network, view offers and promotions active at that time, and thus increase your sales.
When a customer approaches an Android device with NFC or reads a QR code, for the first time, the ABA Wifi Connect app will be downloaded and from that moment it can be connected as many times as necessary without downloading any additional ones.


  • Android
  • NFC Technology