ABA WiFi Connect

ABA WiFi Connect is an Android App that allows you to connect to a WiFi network through NFC tags or QR codes.

We have always thought about the importance and the power of contactless technologies like NFC technology and QR codes. In addition, we want to provide users with the best user experience with technologies because we believe they are here to help us. For these reasons, we have developed our own mobile app, ABA WiFi Connect. It is an app that allows users to connect to a wifi network only by approaching their mobile phones with an NFC tag that is recorded action in it. Or maybe by using a QR code reader app. ABA WiFi Connect is a simple and easy-to-use app for both users and organizers. It could be very useful for establishments that provide customers its WiFi network but do not want to give the WiFi password.

It is imperative that the WiFi connection, both in an NFC tag and in a QR code, has been created with the application ABA WiFi Share!

  • Android
  • NFC
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