ABAMobile 2022. What are the highlights of this year?

Once again, this year ABAMobile has continued to grow. The team and the professional challenges continue to grow. Therefore, in the last post of the year, we wanted to make a summary of 2022, from projects, and new services to recognitions that we have obtained throughout this year.


We continue to adapt to the needs of the market and our clients. We have offered new services such as the development of apps for equipment manufacturers. Thanks to the constant monitoring of new technologies and the market, we have seen that some design and manufacturing-oriented companies needed solutions that allow them to evolve, adapt to changes, and face great digital challenges. 

Throughout 2022 we have improved our services by offering the development of apps for equipment manufacturers that improve their connectivity thanks to Bluetooth, NFC, or Wifi.

ABAMobile overview 2022

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Throughout 2022 we have been able to work on very interesting projects that have allowed us to improve our knowledge of technology, as well as offer solutions to our clients that have allowed them to improve their productivity, solve communication problems or automate processes.

We have developed projects such as Dextools for monitoring the price of cryptocurrencies, the urban transport app for Jaén and Granada with Alsa, and the ABAMobile TV project focused on smart TVs.

This year, we have obtained a tender to develop the Reusemed project, which we are already working on. This work aims to promote recycling and give a second life to objects such as books, clothes, or furniture. It will be developed not only in Spain but also in other countries in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Achievements and awards

This year has been a special one as we have achieved two important certifications that guarantee the quality and security of our services. We have obtained two ISO certifications (9001 and 27001). This recognises the quality of our daily work for more than 10 years. These certifications encourage us to continue with the same passion to develop mobile projects and solutions as we have done so far. We want to continue creating apps to improve the lives of people and companies.

What else did we highlight this year?

This year we have also been one of the finalists in the Ances Open Innovation event. Through our proposals, we were chosen as finalists in the projects for PcComponentes and Mundiplan. Through programs like this, ANCES manages to highlight the value of innovation and technology, which today is an essential part of all companies. This is a step forward in the transformation process towards the new digital era in which we are already.

In 2022, Clutch named us as one of the best mobile application development companies in Spain. This endorses the quality of our services and gives us the recognition of being a company with deep knowledge in the world of software and mobile development.

As a company specialising in the development of mobile solutions that help digital transformation, we have been part of the Kit Digital program. Find out how you can apply for Kit Digital to advance the digital transformation of your business.

We want to continue improving people’s lives and digitising businesses through mobile devices. We hope that you will join us and that we can work together on innovative projects of high technological and human value.

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