AJE Asturias app

The Project: AJE Asturias App

ABAMobile has developed a mobile App for AJE Asturias using App for events platform.

The mobile application is a tool that brings the activity of the Association to its members and to any user that wants to keep updated of the annual program and learn about the new developments in the wide range of services that we offer: partnerships or projects. The target is to create a new channel of communication with young entrepreneurs in the region to enable them to be informed permanently of everything that happens in the association.

The main features offered by this application are:

  • Business agenda with all the necessary information about the activities planned by AJE ASTURIAS including the location of each event.
  • Reception of notifications.
  • Direct access to the associated social network “Twitter”.
  • Publishing documents with resources of interest.

In addition, it collects information from the own entity and partners who support every initiative promoted by AJE ASTURIAS.

AJE Asturias app