App development with APIs

What is an API?

An API is a technical development environment that allows access to a part of an application or platform. It helps apps to communicate with each other, exchange data or messages. 

If you introduce APIs for mobile app development, the development process will be simpler and easier. Also, you can save money and time. Besides, API developers give the whole information about how to use and how to integrate the APIs that they have created.

Why Install an API in Your App?

From our beginning, we implement APIs from other developers in our mobile app developments. Also, we work with different types of APIs (APIs developed by Google or Facebook) in order to offer high-quality service and the best solutions to your needs.

As a consequence of integrating APIs in your projects, you can improve the productivity and processes automation. Also, you can offer your customers new services and experiences.

From ABAMobile, we bet on innovation, for that reason, we collaborate with IT teams to guarantee the proper functioning and API integration.

APIs for mobile app

Advantages of APIs for Developers

We are a technology solutions development company and we know that including APIs for mobile app development, can simplify the work of our developers and introduce new perspectives and benefits to your company:

  • APIs are a reliable and safe system due to they have been developed by and tested by an expert IT team.
  • Developers can manage them easily.
  • By implementing APIs in your project, the work of developers is simplified. 
  • Our team can implement APIs in your project quickly because it is not necessary to carry out a complete development process.

Development Process

We are in charge of all the steps of development. From an optimized design in order to offer the best user experience, to the app development with high-quality code and finally the maintenance and future updates. 


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