What is mobile learning? From e-learning to m-learning

Mobiles are increasingly essential devices in our daily lives. Even in the educational field, they have become a tool that helps both students and teachers. So, what is mobile learning, a new way of teaching and learning through mobile devices? Keep on reading to learn more.

The incorporation of technologies in education is what is known as e-learning. Now, mobile devices are always with us, they also work as e-learning platforms. Using mobile devices as a learning tool is called m-learning.

The development of mobile devices and apps has meant a great advance in learning and teaching tools, not only for schools and universities but also for many companies.

In today’s post, we tell you what mobile learning is, how it has gone from e-learning to m-learning and how it is used in companies today.

what is mobile learning

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From e-learning to m-learning, what are the differences?

E-learning or electronic learning is a type of training that relies on the use of technologies and devices such as computers or tablets. Now, due to videos, articles, tutorials, or webinars, people can train from anywhere.

By using technologies, new training and more personalized teaching methods are created. In addition, in recent times, gamification techniques have become increasingly popular as they create more dynamic, entertaining, and attractive training.

For some years now, smartphones and the mobile-first philosophy have been essential in many technology and software projects. Mobile devices are like laptops that we can keep in our pockets and at the same time allow us greater flexibility and mobility.

For all these reasons, e-learning has evolved to mobile devices. This is what we call m-learning. But what is m-learning?

What is mobile learning?

It is the use of smartphones and mobile devices such as tablets as a learning platform. M-learning offers new teaching possibilities that are more flexible, attractive, and dynamic.

Mobile learning is booming thanks to the development of mobile applications that allow users to learn whenever and wherever they want. The development of tailor-made apps gives the possibility to create more creative and exceptional solutions. In addition, there are countless applications available today for any type of training.

The use of smartphones has also allowed companies to incorporate online training to improve the corporate knowledge of employees.

M-learning in companies

Training sessions in companies help their evolution and development as well as getting employees to better understand the processes of the company, as well as its products and services.

Since e-learning appeared and later evolved to mobile learning, many companies have seen a great opportunity to improve the knowledge that employees have about the company.

This type of learning is becoming more and more common thanks to its easy access and flexibility, as it allows users to access training with a click on their smartphones at any time and place.

One way to motivate people to use this learning method is through gamification techniques so they can win some kind of reward or prize. In addition, thanks to the apps it is also possible to measure the results obtained, the time of use of the app, etc.

Another advantage of m-learning in companies is to save time and each user can train whenever he wants.

If you already know what m-learning is, why don’t you start using this new way of learning in your company?

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