What are Google Instant Mobile Apps?

In recent years, applications of all kinds have been developed. From native apps, web apps, or hybrid apps. In addition to all of them, Google spoke in 2016 for the first time about instant applications. But, what are the instant apps? Why are they called like that?

In 2017, Google presented the instant apps and people began to know a little more about them. These types of applications became an alternative to mobile applications without the need to be downloaded.

Mobile applications are tools that are continuously present in our daily lives. We are sure that you have a lot of apps that you do not even use all the functionalities they offer, also reducing the performance and storage of the mobile device.

For this reason, Google decided to create instant apps where you can see an application without downloading.

In today’s post, we will tell you more about these tools, how they work and how they can be activated.

google instant apps

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What are Google instant apps?

Google’s instant applications have arrived, like any other technology, to make our day-to-day life and small tasks easier. Google’s instant apps are mobile applications that do not need to be downloaded, they are opened in the browser as if they were a web page.

Instant apps are considered parts of mobile applications that can be used and installed without downloading.

They are an alternative in the case of wanting to try an application. In this way, it would not be necessary to download it completely, but users can interact with it without taking up too much space on the device’s storage.

How are Google Instant mobile apps activated?

The first thing that we must point out is that not all applications or websites have their instant app version. Therefore, we must bear in mind that this option will not always be available.

To activate the option of Google instant apps we must access Google Play. Then, we display the menu where we will find the Settings option. After this step, we must click on General Settings and finally, the Google Play Instant option will appear. At this point, instant applications can be activated.

It is a simple and quick process that will allow you to activate this type of application when it is necessary to see an app but you do not want to install it. For example, it is useful to do a test or to see some of the functionalities.

Once the Google instant applications are activated, we will only have to do a search or click on a link on a website that has the instant app version. At this point, we will see the option to open the instant application without having downloaded it.

google instant mobile apps

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Advantages of Google Instant Apps

Among the advantages of this type of app, we can save time. Many times, we want to see what an app would be like in order to check if the functionalities or what it offers are what we expected.

In addition, they can be easily accessed from any browser through a URL as if it were a web page.

By not installing an application, the storage and performance of the device are not affected as much. This helps not to overload the smartphone or tablet with tools that we will not use.

Although instant apps have great advantages, some drawbacks must be told. We have previously said that Google Instant Apps are not available for all apps or websites. It should also be noted that through an instant app it is not possible to access the entire tool but only certain functionalities.


Google’s instant applications emerged to test an app or part of it without having to download and install it on the mobile, making viewing an application an easy and comfortable process for users.

Despite not being well known, since their launch in 2017, they have become more and more popular.

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