We are new partners of AUTELSI

ABAMobile is part of the Spanish Association of Users of Telecommunications and Information Society (AUTELSI) since January 2013.


The Association seeks the development of the Information Society in Spain, promoting in society and among particular users, the study, research, and objective dissemination of knowledge on issues related, directly or indirectly, with Telecommunications Services and the Information Society.

As partners, we can participate in the various committees and events organized by the association, allowing us to see on first hand the concerns and needs in information systems and, more specifically, the mobile channel Spanish companies (Banco Santander, BBVA, Iberia, RENFE, Iberdrola, Amadeus, Renfe, etc ….)

We hope our participation in the partnership will allow us to expand our understanding of business needs in the mobile channel and explore different solutions for those needs. We want to deepen our business knowledge in order to provide better custom apps for companies. This type of partner helps us to know more about how companies work and to provide better mobile solutions to our clients.

If you want more information about our partnership with AUTELSI, get in touch with us by mobile phone, email, or our offices. We will help you with any doubt!

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