App Development for JAI Event

Mobile application created for V Conference on Technologies and Solutions for Industrial Automation (JAI 2012) event.

In order to reach as many people as possible, a publication strategy covering all mobile devices has been designed. Three applications have been developed. Two of them native to Android and iPhone and one web, for any other mobile device.

During the celebration of the conference, the user of the mobile application will be able to consult, through the functionality “Right now”, the current presentation and the next one to be held.
The application is available for all mobile platforms. The download can be made the days before the event from the official JAI2012 website. Those who attend the conference without the application installed on their devices can download it through various posters located at the entrances of the enclosure by reading QR codes or NFC tags.

The use of mobile applications in events to transmit information to attendees allows reducing the printing of leaflets with information associated with the event. This, contributing to the conservation of the environment and reducing associated costs. In addition, a new interactive communication channel is created with attendees.







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