Gijón Sound Festival App

ABAMobile has developed the mobile application for Gijón Sound Festival, using the App for Events platform.

Gijón Sound Festival (GSF) is a festival of reference in Asturias. In 2017 continues its dynamic bet of the city, taking advantage of the infrastructures to turn the Asturian town into a stage that agglutinates public and tendencies, creating a “musical street” that unites the already existing and extensive cultural network of the Asturian city.

Gijón Sound Festival got in touch with us in order to create a tool where the whole information about the event could be consulted. They wanted to organize a complete event to provide the audience with the best user experience in the concerts.

One of the main objectives of the mobile app is to show users where and when concerts are being held.

App for Events is a service that allows event organizers to have, in a short time, a specific App, which enables them to promote and communicate all the information of the event. The app is available for Android and iOS. In this way, everybody can access it.

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