Mobile technology for business in the post covid era

The current scenario in the world marks a milestone in history for society and also the way companies do their business.

Now more than ever, we are realizing the importance of technologies and how they can help us. In particular, mobile technology is becoming a fundamental part of our daily lives.

2020 has brought us technological advances that we did not think we were going to incorporate so soon and quickly. For this reason, the transformation and digital culture of companies has been accelerated. But how is mobile technology and devices changing the business model in companies?

In today’s post, we will talk about which mobile technologies will have a great impact on companies and what benefits digital advancement has for business.

Mobile technologies for companies

A large part of the population has had to adapt to work from home in record time. Both companies and workers have incorporated technologies that facilitate remote work and corporate mobility. Mobile applications, tools with artificial intelligence, mobile payments, or the deployment of 5G are just some of the mobile technologies that are having greater development in companies in recent months.

Mobile technologies will have an increasing impact on businesses. Are you going to miss out on this opportunity to digitize?

To realize the importance that mobile devices have had in recent times, it has been seen that the time we spend with the smartphone increased by 38.3%, so the need to create a global digital economy is more present than ever.

Some mobile technology that is expected to continue to grow:

Mobile apps

As well as we know, apps have become a fundamental part of our smartphones and mobile devices. And not only in our personal lives, but also in our jobs, they have positioned as very effective tools according to productivity, automation, and agility. For this reason, more and more businesses decide to develop one.

tecnologias moviles para empresas / mobile technologies for businesses

Mobile payments

Another of the most commented solutions since the pandemic started has been mobile payments. Until then, they had been developed slowly. Now, it is one of the most popular forms of payment thanks to its convenience and speed because only it is necessary a smartphone.

Due to NFC technology or QR codes, payments are made effective without the need to carry credit cards.


If we have to name one of the trends of this year, it is e-commerce. Due to the lockdown, online shopping has exploded and many companies have started their online adventure by developing an online store.

Within e-commerce, mobile commerce is more and more developed. Shopping through mobile phones is becoming easier thanks to the adaptation of online stores to the screens of these devices.

VoIP calls

This is one of the technological solutions that has helped some employees to keep proper communication while working from home. VoIP calls are here to stay because it is not expensive and requires no software licenses. VoIP calls work through the cloud, so the location of people is no longer important when communicating.

Artificial intelligence and robotics

Artificial intelligence and robotics are a technology that has great potential ahead, and that can help many companies to overcome the coronavirus crisis. Through these types of technologies, data collection and process automation are much easier. It is possible to make better decisions, more precise and appropriate.

Advantages of mobile technology for companies

As we have seen today, mobile technologies and especially the development of mobile applications are changing the way in which companies manage their processes. Among the advantages offered by this technology, we can highlight:


With the presence of smartphones and all kinds of mobile devices, mobility is the great advantage of using these tools. Being able to carry mobile technology with us makes it easier to work from any time and any place.

tecnologia movil / mobile technology

Automation and digitization of processes

Automating and digitizing processes is another of the great advantages of incorporating mobile technologies in a company. In this way, processes that were previously done manually are now automated, thus avoiding possible mistakes and saving time.

Flexibility and productivity

In recent times, it is shown that the incorporation of mobile technologies together with connectivity allows flexible work. Being able to work from anywhere and at any time will be key in the coming years.

Thanks to mobile technologies, processes, and resources can be streamlined. Also, it can help to save time and money and thus improving productivity.

Improved decision-making

Thanks to mobile technologies, obtaining data and information about the activities that are carried out is easier than ever. Knowing the return on investment is one of the most important metrics. Tools such as apps help us to collect and manage data to apply it and in this way, make the most appropriate decisions. In addition, new opportunities in the market can be accessed.


As we have seen, mobile technologies are more and more vital and applicable to many and diverse circumstances. For this reason, it is good to do constant surveillance that allows you to be up-to-date regarding the news in mobile technology that comes to the market.

At ABAMobile, we are experts in mobile application development. Mobility and mobile technology are the great pillars of our work and we are aware of the potential they have. For this reason, we help companies in their digital transformation process through solutions such as the development of mobile applications.

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