Essential features of a mobile application

The development and implementation of a mobile application in a company is not a simple or quick process. From the moment a company needs to integrate an app, different steps are involved to make it a success.

Nowadays, when we access an app download shop such as Play Store or App Store, we find numerous tools. But what features are essential in a mobile app?

Despite the millions of apps that can be found in the market, certain aspects are essential in a mobile application.

In this article, we will talk about those features that should be common to all apps to define their future and thus facilitate their success.

Essential features of a mobile application

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Essential features of a mobile application

Adaptation to different operating systems and mobile devices.

The customisation and flexibility of digital products are one of the essential features of a mobile application. A correctly developed app must be able to adapt to different operating systems and mobile devices.

This allows any user to enjoy a good experience regardless of the device used.

Nowadays, it is very common to develop mobile applications for at least iOS and Android as these are the most widely used operating systems. Even so, the target audience of the application must be known to take this information into account and create the app according to the circumstances of the users.

In addition to the operating system, mobile devices must also be considered. Nowadays, not only smartphones but also smartwatches or tablets are important. It is therefore necessary to adapt an application to all these devices.


Another essential feature of a mobile application is the deployment of updates.

Keeping a mobile application updated is essential not only to improve user retention but also to improve its security.

The immediacy in which we live and the constant amount of information thanks to technology and the internet means that users have multiple options. Every day thousands of applications are launched on the market, so there is a lot of competition.

That is why a mobile application must present novelties that attract the user and thus improve the retention rate.

Metrics and analytics

Metrics is another essential feature of a mobile application. It is the way to know the performance of the app and to know if the actions being carried out are working.

The metrics and analytics of an app help to correct errors and improve, as well as to better understand the users who use the application and improve their experience.

Knowing what is happening through an app’s metrics will help future updates and functionalities to adapt more and more to users’ needs.

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Navigability, usability, and design

One of the essential aspects of a mobile application is its design. Creating an optimised design of a mobile application improves usability and user experience.

Ease of navigation is another of the most important points when it comes to improving the user experience. A simple navigation makes it easier for the user to access valuable content, making the app experience more positive.

On the other hand, usability is an element that helps users find it easy to navigate an app.

Loading time

The speed of technological solutions such as websites or mobile applications is a must-have feature. Nowadays, the fast loading speed of an app is key to improving retention rates and thus preventing users from abandoning the application.


Another essential feature of a mobile application is security. Secure systems must be implemented to protect users’ data and information.

Today’s businesses need to be aware of the importance of investing in security in mobile applications just as much as they invest in their development. The data of customers, suppliers, collaborators, and the company must be protected to provide confidence and security to users.

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